Mix And Match The Tiles On This Table Like It's Your Smartphone's Home Screen

Taking inspiration from the modular tiled design of modern smartphones, Mamikim's cleverly named ADAPTable is composed of six A4-sized wooden tiles that can be moved around and repositioned. So every time you come to work, you can customise it for the task at hand.

The tiles include pencil holders, cutting mats, and even a section with a ruler fastened to the edge. There's no word on pricing or availability just yet because the table is being officially unveiled at the Tent London design show in a couple of weeks, but you can assume it's not going to come cheap. And there's no word if Mamikim intends to open a Tile Store allowing third-party craftsmen and woodworkers to create their own tiles. So in the meantime you'll just have to nailbreak the wooden ADAPTable so you can install unofficial add-ons.

[Mamikim & Co. via MoCo Loco]


    What's the point of this? Why rearrange the actual table when you can just rearrange the things ON the table? You can even take things completely off the table when you don't need them! You know, like what people have been doing since tables were invented.

    But its not just a bare table.

    One tile has a pen holder, another a grid thing lol. I still wouldnt own one but you cant just move that around if you had a normal table

      Umm yes you can. If I put a cup on a table to act as a pen holder, I can move that around wherever I want. If I wanted a grid thing, I'd get one and use it on the table when I want to and put it away when I don't. This table is completely pointless.

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