Madame Tussauds Is Making A Steve Jobs Wax Figure That Is Hauntingly Realistic

Madame Tussauds is making a Steve Jobs wax figure to mark the first anniversary of his death. It's hauntingly realistic -- just look at the pictures above -- and will, of course, come complete with black cotton turtle neck, Levi's 501 jeans and New Balance 991 sneakers.

The wax figure will be displayed at Madam Tussauds Hong Kong and is created using a pose from a 2006 Fortune Magazine cover. It's incredibly detailed -- each strand of hair is inserted one by one into the wax head by hand using a forked needle and the iris is hand painted using gouache with fine silk threads for veining.

The whole process took three months to complete and will be on display starting September 26th, 2012 to November 26th, 2012. [Madame Tussauds via LA Times]


    I hate to think where they got realistic hair...

      Most likely from the floor of a hairdresser.
      You don't actually think they use cadavers?

      For the beards they mainly use pubes?

      (I'm only kidding, I really hope they don't)

    What do they do with him after the display finishes?

    I like to think there's a warehouse somewhere with hundreds of wax people, ready to be dispatched in the wax vs plastic mannequin war.

      Is that before or after the war of the zombies versus the robots?... I always get confused...

    So when does the court case over Jobs' patent start?


        This is a clear copy of Apple's design. They must begin suing immediately!

    Will it be better than any of the other wax dummies at Tussauds? As for hauntingly realistic, I won't be able to say because I never met the man in person.

    i can imagine all the fun to be had placing this inside the apple HQ.

      Just put him in Tim Cook's office chair one morning before he arrives for work, just to really screw with his mind!

    I preferred the newer, thinner model.

      you're going to hell for that...But then again so am I for laughing so hard

    is he gone be holding iPhone next to his ear .... and holding it right?

    When did Madame Tussauds start making wax of cult leaders?

    How did he get to Hong Kong? Apple Maps?!?!?!

    ...and the point of NOT making a realistic figure would be??

    Like his products, manufactured and built in other countries.

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