Lunchtime Deal: BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB For $199

There are a bevy of cheap tablets flooding the market these days, and most of them are rubbish. What you really want is a tablet bargain. Here's one we prepared earlier.

Mobicity currently has a sweet deal on the BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB). You can pick it up for $199 right now. That's a crazy saving of $600 on the original retail price. The only catch, though, is that it's a group deal. You'll need to go in with a few people to get the special. [Mobicity via OzBargain]


    I won one of these, and I really, really wanted to use it. But I just couldn't find a great use for it, other that random browsing...
    As a side not, the only other people I met who had one, also won it.

    Not practical, imited apps. no 3G ust a useless web browsing piece of plastic that costs $199 that you need others to get in with you to purchase more useless plastics.

      How would the addition of more apps and 3G change that? Mine is locked away in an airtight container until I need it but I'm pretty sure that if it was an iPad or any other tablet it would be doing exactly the same thing.

    BB has turned itself into a high class exclusive club these days. I heard that only 17 people in the world have a playbook.

      My boss has one! He got it for free with his phone.

      He tried to use it then put it back in the box, where it's sat for about 6 months.

        Hey Sylver - tell your boss I'll have it!

    It's pretty funny that at $200 they have still only sold 3 and need 7 more to do the deal...

    It looks like they've sold a few more than 3. It says 29 sold which is more than the minimum needed for the deal to go live. Think my daughter just got her birthday present at that price...

    Damn! If I'd waited another month I could have got an extra 48Gb of storage for just an extra $30.

    my wife got one for free from her boss. Gave it to our 8yo daughter. she has used it about 10 times. It was looking promising when people were trying to put android on it, but that plan is dead in the water. So it just sits here :(

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