Nokia Lumia 820: A Windows Phone For The Rest Of Us

Here's the Lumia 820, the Lumia 920's little sister. It has the same polycarbonate unibody with softer lines. It also has a 4.3-inch screen, 4G LTE, built-in NFC, Nokia City Lens and all the other exclusive Nokia apps. Not bad for the second child.

But here's the big part: It's got a pop-off back shell, which means there's room for a microSD card and adds wireless charging to the Lumia 820. Specs aren't confirmed just yet for this mid-range smartphone, but it's rumoured to have the same 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, but only 8GB of storage as opposed to the Lumia 920's 32GB. We'll update you with official specs once we have them.

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    So Nokia are trying to push owners of the current out-dated Lumia 800 to the monstrous 920 by reducing the 820's memory to 8gb? Pathetic.

      It may have MicroSD - meaning you can expand the 8Gb with a 32Gb MicroSD card. If it does have that then that's something that the 920 may not have as I haven't heard anything about it having MicroSD yet.

      Calmed down. Specs up on Nokia's site. 820 gets SD expansion of up to 32GB, so could bring this phone up to 40GB total.

      With a 32GB MicroSD card, lumia 820 owners can have more storage than lumia 920 owners. Way to fail there, dude.

        Not only that, but it would also help Nokia keep the price down of the device by providing a smaller amount of memory.

    Specs for 820

    This is also too big. Whatever happened to the days when phones got smaller and smaller? microSD is a good addition but why would you guys assume it would max out at 32Gb? I'd hope a brand new OS would support 64gB. That would give you a total of 72Gb, which is the minimum I'd settle for in my next phone. I also didn't see it mentioned anywhere but this phone has a front-facing camera, which is new for Lumias. I don't like the look of it much, either. It is thinner than the Lumia800, though.

      minimum of 72gb? what the hell are you going to be doing with your phone?

        MM has a lot of music, wants to carry all of it with him without having a separate music device. Fair enough, I say!

        I'm actually a little disappointed that the 920 doesn't have an mSD card - but then again I personally wouldn't use more than 32GB and if they traded off the space for an mSD card slot for the huge battery in that machine, that's a trade I'm happy with!

      Lumia 900 had a front facing camera I believe so it's not that new for Lumia.

    I got about 20gb of photos, like to keep them mobile.. 40gb of music.. By the time you got the OS and apps ya done.

    A tad disappointed. I really like my 800, but this just doesn't look as good. No Pureview? Much prefer the design and features of the 920, only hate is the screen size. Why do all manufacturers think the more premium and flagship phones need to have the largest screen? Surely they can release something smaller with equal or more features than one with a screen size close to that of a small tablet. I wish this fad of massive screens would hurry up and die a horrible death. I doubt I'm alone in this, it's a phone ffs, it's just unnecessary and impractical.

      Large screens aren't as annoying as the quest for thinness, as though that's the Holy Grail.

        I love how you said that and apple's main boasting point of its iphone 5 is just how thin it is.

    it is able to have a 64gb, altho most people that are interested have probs already seen it

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