London Underground Is Happy To Lend IOS 6 Users A Map

If you've upgraded to iOS 6, you're probably -- quite literally -- lost. But the staff at Hackney Wick underground station in London have found a solution: iOS 6 users might be best off reverting to a good ol' fashioned paper map. [Pocket-lint]

Image via Pocket-lint


    Am I the only one who finds iOS6 maps works just fine?

      What have you tried to do so far?

        you know, find my current location, find another location, have it tell me how to get from the first to t'other.

        I'm not sure what (apart from Street View which we all knew wouldn't be in it) people were expecting?

      Yeah I have used it a few times since upgrading and have not had too many troubles. Main thing I noticed on the maps I was using was that Ampol service stations still existed. Apart from that have used it without too much issue.

    No most things appear to be fine. Considering the size of this rock we live on there's bound to be some issues.

    A pro Android employee probably wrote that with the intention of stirring up iPhone owners. Either that or Samsung sponsored it?

      Or the maps are terrible when comparing to Google.

    That's what your $1000 dollars cash gets you!

    Or because public transport directions are not available

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