Linus Torvalds: Mitt Romney Is 'A F***ing Moron'

Is it me, or is Linus Torvalds turning into everyone's favourite drunk uncle? The one that comes to any family gathering, drinks all the wine, slags off the hosts before throwing up in the bushes. It might just be me and my distorted perception of gatherings, but Linus is a laugh-riot when it comes to people he doesn't like. This time he's having a go at Mitt Romney for being "a f**ing moron". Let's dive right into this one.

For those not familiar with magic Mitt of the clan Romney, he's the laugh-a-minute Republican nominee for the 2012 US Presidential race.

Linus made the anti-Romney comments on his Google+ page in response to the Republican candidate's latest joke at a private campaign contributor function, where he said that passengers really ought to be able to open plane windows, just in case something goes wrong.

Here's what Romney said to get Linus in a tailspin:

When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no -- and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem. So it’s very dangerous. And she was choking and rubbing her eyes. Fortunately, there was enough oxygen for the pilot...

Aaaaaand, cue facepalm!

Torvalds responded by jumping online with the short and sweet review of Romney's performance:

He really seems to be a f*cking moron.

I suspect he'd crate his dog on top of the aircraft too. Because what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, in case you were wondering what that's all about, Romney strapped his dog to the roof of his car on a road trip one time because there was no room in the car. That shit happened.

I was a little worried when Linus got up and gave NVIDIA the bird a little while ago, but with this latest outburst, I think he might be onto something. [Google+]



    haha well Mitt Romney IS an idiot...

    You know the apocalypse is drawing near when people like this are running for government.
    The only way it could have been worse is if Sarah Palin was his running partner.

      "You know the apocalypse is drawing near when people like this are running for government."

      The last US president was remarkably thick too, but he still got voted in. Sorry, let me correct that, he still managed to swing the election his way by various methods.

        I wonder if they'll bother with "methods" this time or will USG just rig the machines directly. Or even disconnect them entirely and just "make sh¡t up" :)

    Problems with is 'great' idea:

    1. Above around 12,000ft there is too little oxygen in the air to breath normally or at all.
    2. Most aircraft windows are small to exit via, your fat ass would stuck (but it would be funny to see you try).
    3. The aircraft cabin is pressurized, would could help with point 2. If people are silly, plane could be ripped apart or bad sh!t might happen like some failing from an open window
    4. The cabin of 747 is like 10m above the tarmat while parked and that's already far too safely faceplant from. Why would jump out of flying plane? Your odds are better in crash landing. He did say "there’s no place to go,"

      Do you really think any of these points went through Mitt Romney's head when he said these things? The guy literally thinks 47% of the US population are a bunch of mooching parasites who'll vote Democrat and that he wouldn't worry about them. Despite a President's duty including taking care of ALL your citizens, not just your constituents.

      I used to think Romney was just your blowhard empty suit. Not evil, just completely out of touch like Mr Burns. The more he talks, the more he's convinced me that he's an actual psychopath.

    What part of "Mitt Romney is a f***ing moron" didn't already cover everything?

    Like many US politicians he's an airhead bimbo. Those political parties choose a good number of their people for their looks, wealth, or name... They have to have at least two of those things to qualify. Intelligence does not factor into things that's considered an optional extra that they can easily outsource.
    -I include Obama in that summary too, in his case though they lucked out: he just happens to be one of the smart ones.

      Mostly its for religion. Especially for Republican nominees. That have to be good God fearing Americans. Oh and of the Christian variety. Everything else is secondary. Because after all, If you are sanctioned by God then what can go wrong eh? If he believes in God then he will definitely do the right thing right? Get the economy back on track, have a good aggressive foreign Policy and get those pesky Muslims to boot!

      Despite the misconception, Romney is not stupid. He's not an idiot like Palin, he's just completely thoughtless and has coasted through life on his wealth (both inherited and earned) and has never had to engage the common man. Say what you like about the guy, but when it comes to making money for himself, he's made twice as much as the last 8 presidents combined. Yes, a lot of it was through shady deals, but he was actually good at his job and had some business acumen unlike Bush II who was a failure in in school, business and politics.

    The problem is that if he gets in he'll go out of his way to hurt whoever he sees as an enemy. A case in point is that Ronald Reagan saw John Lennon as a threat (yes, a pop singer was a threat to a man sitting on a nuclear arsenal).

    People who don't understand when someone is joking are usually the morons, rather than the person telling the joke.

      Are you saying Romney was joking? I very much doubt he was joking, and for some reason, you seem to have no such doubt.

        I am saying he was definitely joking, as confirmed by the pool reporter who was there.

          Attila, don't bother to try to explain that to these spleen venting morons . Civility is dead. The republic is doomed.

      He must also have been joking when he called 47% of the country parasites, when he made the $10,000 bet, boasted about his wife's "couple" of Cadillacs to penniless autoworkers, when he flip-flopped on abortion, when he lied about Obama's foreign policy and spending. The man's a pathological liar, not as much as his running mate but still..

    Comments like that made me switch from Hg to Git , and one day I might use linux too ;)

    Linus was being far too nice. The truth is far worse and Romney's a moderate.

    OT: Why do they spend so much money on elections...? It is ridiculous when they stand up at a multimillion dollar event in a several hundred million dollar campaign and start talking about the economy and how they're in so much shit.

    American politics are so messed up but there sure as hell isn't anyway of telling them otherwise because it's their god given write to be so arrogant and ignorant.

    It's things like this that make me glad to live in Australia. Sure we may spend money on advertising before elections and they may be spending donated money. But that fact that they just waste that money so casually just isn't right. Heck I would love to see Mitt pledge his campaign funds to charity or something meaningful. Then I would love to see some sort of election regulations put in place to keep things sensible.

    Kinda nice that Romney is an idiot as Obama will get re-elected... scary though, as it seems Americans have a history of electing idiots.

    Linus speaks the truth. Romney is a complete f***wit.

    I hope Romney wins the election. That way, we in Australia will get to see just how bad an idea it is to have a closed-minded pure-capitalist politician at the helm of the country.

      That is likely to happen since Voter ID law has passed in many states. Many people do not have ID there. I couldn't believe it first but most people who have ID isn't valid in the states.

      ITS CRAZY!

      If Romney wins, there will be protests on a country scale!

    why does nobody ever remember that you are not eligible to even be considered for election to the US presidency unless you are filthy rich, or have filthy rich backers, can not be too intelligent, and must have GOD like delusions that America is better than anywhere else....Linus Torvalds is right on!

    i loled ... he should be president for sure ... that will give me reason to watch the whole com-pain :)

    Even bright people like Mr. Torvalds say things that disappoint.

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