Intel's Haswell 3D Transistor Chipset Will Have 2X More GPU Power Than Ivy Bridge

Intel's next-generation Haswell chipset for laptops isn't set to come out until next year. But when it does eventually get released, AnandTech says the 3D transistor-based hardware will offer twice the GPU performance as Ivy Bridge and consume 20 times less power than Sandy Bridge when idle. Excited yet? [AnandTech]


    jeez, more then a paragraph about the chip would have been nice.

    So, is this about the tri-gate transistors or something new?

    Just bought an Ivy Bridge computer :|

      I bought Sandy Bridge as Ivy was just being released. I figure if you keep waiting and waiting for sweet new tech, you'll never buy it. Grab something awesome at the time of purchase, watch it get upgraded and get excited next time you need to replace your gear.

    20x less power when idle is ... rather a lot. I wonder if they can get power management to the point where there is literally no difference between notebook and desktop parts, and the CPU just throttles up and down as useage demands and temperature restrictions allow.

    A bit off topic, but I've always disliked the description "20 times less" as a way of emphasising a reduction. Is 20 times less = 1/20th or is it a different number like how 1:4 odds is actually 1/5 = 20%?

    If you mean to say it is 1/20th then just say that, or express it as a percentage - only 5% of the power draw. Nothing is being multiplied by 20 so I don't see why 20 times is appropriate.

    Is this actually correct english/maths because it seems to really grind on my grammar/math spider sense?

      I'm with you. Statistics will always be abused to try and big-note things however. It's pretty much the whole point of statistics: the manipulation of data to communicate an idea. At no point is truth a requirement!

      That's one of my pet peeves too.....
      Reductions of totals should only ever be expressed as fractions or percentages, not multiples!

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