Intel Thinks Windows 8 Is Being Released Before It's Ready

Intel's CEO Paul Otellini is creating a bit of a stir for Microsoft. Bloomberg reports that he's been telling employees in Taiwan that Windows 8 is being released before it's fully ready.

A Bloomberg source claims that Otellini still feels that the software needs improvements to be made to it. The report goes on to suggest that Microsoft is launching Windows 8 in time for the Christmas shopping season in order to compete with Apple during the most profitable time of the year.

Arguably, that's probably the correct business decision. In fact, Otellini is even rumoured to have told staff that it's not a bad idea — adding that Microsoft can make improvements after it ships.

While the launch-first-solve-problems-later approach might make most financial sense for Microsoft, you might think that given the amount of development time that's been poured into the OS it could be in a more readied state. If Otellini's views are anything to go by, clearly that's not the case. [Bloomberg]

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