HP Spectre One: Could This Be The Ideal All-In-One PC?

When HP rolled its first TouchSmart All-In-One back in 2008, the potential of such a machine was evident even if the idea itself wasn't fully realised. Enter the 23.6-inch HP Spectre One.

Update: The Spectre One is not touchscreen after all. Sorry for the confusion.

Equipped with the latest Ivy Bridge chipsets, the Spectre One also has discrete NVIDIA graphics, up to 8-gigabytes of RAM, USB 3.0 connectivity, HDMI-in and your choice of HDD or SSD. And if you want to upgrade the machine at any point, the back panel of the curved neck is removable, revealing the motherboard guts in all their gruesome beauty.

But HP also added a few unique flourishes of its own. For starters, the Spectre One is equipped with NFC technology, HP supplies you with NFC tags you can place on any object, and you can program the computer to perform specific actions when that NFC tag makes contact. It might be to initiate a photo transfer. Or it might be to use your phone as a method of login. Plus it opens up the possibility of compatibility with future devices. Secondly, HP says it plans to offer custom apps in the Windows 8 app store, which will make use of the Spectre One's touchscreen capabilities. If done right, that could be interesting.

But its not just the Spectre One that's joining the Windows 8 party; HP also has the Envy 20 and 23 TouchSmart machines, which like the HP Spectre, offer Ivy Bridge configurations, multitouch displays (20 and 23-inches, duh), and Windows 8, but without the fancy design and bonus features, like NFC. Life changing? No. More affordable? Yes.

For those interested in any of the three machines, the HP Spectre One will be available in November at a starting price of $US1300, while the HP Envy 20 and 23 will be available in October starting at $US800 and $US1000, respectively. We're chasing up local availability right now and we'll update this with info when we get it. [HP]



    Interestingly enough Engadget is reporting this machine as NOT touch enabled...

    "Though that aluminum frame and tilting 1080p display are pleasing to look at, the real story isn't what the Spectre One has, so much as what's missing. You see, in order to get the system down to 11.5mm thick, the design team had to forgo certain features you might otherwise expect -- features like a TV tuner, touchscreen and even an optical drive"

    Are you sure this screen comes with a capacitive touch panel as other sources seem to suggest they got rid of the touch features in the spectre models?

    Does anyone else read these excited about the seemingly cheap price in USD but then when it does make It's way to Australia (despite the current exchange rate) has a $200-$400 mark up? Can anyone explain why there's such a mark up in Australia when ideally you'd think it would be cheaper as the manufacturers (China/Taiwan) are closer?

      is this made by Samsung
      kinda looks like it

      Yeah I know, we are idiots and we'll pay anything they tell us to.

      GST and middle man tax?

        Australians are accustomed to paying more for electronic equipment. Companies know we'll still buy it so they just charge more. I think that was one of the bigger points to come out of the IT pricing enquiry.

    Kinda looks like another aluminium all-in-one PC I know.

    is this new the iMac? let me grab my glasses, cant see properly.

    is this new the iMac? let me grab my glasses, cant see properly.

      haha yes its the new iHack

        Dont know why no one seems to be able to come up with a decent looking new style of computers... Instead everyone copies apple (and im not saying their gear looks crap, it looks fantastic)...

    Looks like a cheap iMac....

    If I really wanted something that looked like a mac I would get a mac...

      Can your wallet take the same beating?

    That is one ugly stand. It's like they took the iMac stand and put it under a steam roller.

    Apple lawyers eh? Your suing for how much?

    I swear I read another article about this stating the Spectre isn't getting touch while the Envy are both getting touch.

      Yep, so every other article says the Spectre doesn't get touch due to the fact it would of made the screen thicker and increased price.

    Looks like a much better version of an imac. But too close for my liking.
    And... I suspect that's not metal but plastic?

    Sorry, but the article is wrong. HP Spectre One DOES NOT HAVE A TOUCHSCREEN. I've read about 6 other articles reporting this announcement and this is the only one that mentions they have touch. Please update your article (It does seem mad, but they decided not too include it).

    Finally, the 2012 iMac has been released... no...wait a moment...
    C'mon Apple, you're being left behind by all the other techs- the new iMac better be something really special.

      Everyone has their own opinions on this of course, but the only imacs that really struck me as interesting aesthetically were the originals, with the blue plastic bits. Since then it has been solidly bland, inoffensively generic, like a slightly sleeker version of the old traditional "beige box" for the new millennium.
      -I'm only knocking the look of them. They are still very well put together, decent quality machines, Just with a dull design.

    It's like somebody described an iMac to them over the phone....

    And how strong will the hinge have to be in order for the screen not to move when you're touching it? I presumed this had the option of being wall-mounted, until i saw that the ports are across the bottom of the stand. Make it wall- mountable and then it's definitely moving in the right direction.

    Couldn't agree more... This thing looks exactly like an iMac.

    It's got a screen, and a keyboard.

    /sarcasm (douchebags)

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