How To Enable Image Stabilisation On The Nokia Lumia 920 (Not Really)

It seems that Nokia screwed their Lumia 920 camera demo even more than we thought. Not only they faked the video but also faked photos.

Some of the images presented as taken by the Lumia 920's new PureView camera were actually taken by a DSLR camera, as the image below shows. A DSLR on a tripod. Tripods are always great for image stabilisation.

Professional illumination is awesome too. I can't think of a better way to show Nokia's new flash technology, which they claim is much better than anyone's else. Except maybe using Nokia's new flash technology. That could have worked too.

Nokia has apologised for the video faux pa, but still hasn't said anything about these photos.

Of course, PureView is still impressive, as we saw in our hands on and in a real video. Or not. Maybe? Hopefully.

Still, even if the final version of PureView is as outstanding as the demos show, simulated or not, this whole fiasco has left a really bad aftertaste. Like licking an imbecile marketing person who has been dipped in idiot sauce. [Ycombinator via Sefsar]

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