How Much Does Your Computer Stress You Out?

A recent survey commissioned by computer hardware company Crucial has turned up a few interesting statistics on computer stress: 94 per cent of respondents said they have had computer problems drive them up the wall, and a little over half aren't happy with how their little internet box behaves in general. 18 per cent even said computer problems are more stressful than taxes.

Like anyone, I've had my share of computer stress. Sometimes it's just temporary, insufferable lag. Other times I've lost paragraphs of work due to a crash, and then there's the dreaded "I didn't backup, like ever" hard drive crash. That one, at least, is worse than taxes, I think.

Does your computer stress you out more than it makes your life easier? Do you curse at it under your breath? Loudly? What's your worst comp-stress horror story? Let it out in the comments below. It's good for you. [Tom's Hardware]

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    if you think about it computer is one of the most complicated devices in the house hold and the amount of info that required/goes through (amount of user input/output etc) it far more extensive thn any other device
    some things just cant be completely trouble free... there is always room for improvement tho

      Exactly, the most advanced a nd technically chalenging device available to the general consumer and guess what?
      The very people who have all these troubles with them are the very ones who do not read the user guides.
      Or make any effort whatsoever to educate themselves on how the thing they've bought even works or how to use it in the first place.
      If you're the sort of person who says things like, "I'm not very computer literate" and gets upset every time your computer does something unexpected, then you are the sort of person who really SHOULD read the fricken manuals or at the very least some sort of book or other instruction on how to use them.
      User ignorance is the single greatest problem computers face.

        And don't get me started on people not keeping their precious music and photo collections backed up.
        It's not like no-one's ever heard or backups or anything by now, so no excuses.
        Too busy is not an excuse. It's your data after all.

          Pffft. I'm sure I can just do it after my HDD crashes, rite gais? :P

    When I used to build PC's for supplemental income, they used to make me want to add homicide to my skill set.

    Nowadays, though, I just tweak and alter each computer I've owned (Since building them) to my liking and preference. Haven't had a problem yet, really. And all cautions have been accounted for, so I don't expect any real rage headed my way.

    I still get annoyed from time to time. But it's minor.

    I work in Customer Service part time and 70% of all "MY computer / your website" F*** ups are user error due to lack of education.

    Not to say I don't want to hang myself occasionally due to an annoying computer, but you get my point.

      I used to work in a shopfront selling and repairing PC's, never had issues with the machines, its always the people.
      I'd have people come in and ask for info on something, when i found it and provided it they would argue with me, say i was wrong and that i had no idea what i was talking about.

      Why the hell come into my store and ask a question if you dont want the answer?
      Trying to explain to end users that her HP printer does not have any drivers that will work on windows vista, and providing the screenshot from the HP website specifying so wasnt good enough.
      Apparently "there is no way microsoft would release a version of windows that wasnt compatible with every printer there is".

        “there is no way microsoft would release a version of windows that wasnt compatible with every printer there is”.

        LoLwut. Some people are amazing. That sounds epically frustrating!

          Not disagreeing, but too often I have the other problem. Ring the service line and the idiot on the phone says things like "did you switch it on"? I have discovered I need to humor then. Not enough to say, yes, I have tried restarting the thing, yes, I have tried reinstalling, yes, I have run disk repair, and so on... need to actually do it all again, cause only then will they actually try to help.

            Argh yeah that's frustrating. I recently had a faulty sound card that needed to be replaced and after a few emails of...

            1st email: Try this bleedingly obvious thing
            2nd email: Now try this bleedingly obvious thing
            3rd email: What about this obvious thing

            ... I had to tell them to bloody well just give me a list of things to try and I'd send them a sequential list of the result of each individual test. Even after that, with the results all clearly showing its primary feature (ASIO) wasn't working properly, they tried to basically tell me that it's obviously fine and since I'd got it to sort-of work for SOME things with third party drivers that it mustn't actually be broken.

            No doubt you should be darn well certain that you're right before you do it, but sometimes angry emails telling people they are completely and utterly wrong is the only way to get proper service.

        Haha, that's comparable to a lady at work who asked me to down grade her win 7 to win Vista, "because 7 isn't user friendly".

          WOW, she must be high on drugs or something.

    It's not the computer that stresses me out. Rather, the programmes and the work I have to do.

    I have 1001 comp-stress horror stories that are all related to FCP and its crap export software. The number of lost hours to failed exports is uncounted, and it should remain so, forever.

    Anyway, the real reason I felt compelled to comment here is the great choice of stock imagery.

    Well played Giz, well played.

      I recently had a similar issue that caused an all-nighter after the FCP project became unrecoverable and made us miss a deadline by half a day. It wouldn't have been so bad but I wasn't getting paid for the job. I will never volunteer for unpaid work again.

      Great choice? Stock imagery makes me vomit brain cells

    MY own PC is reletively frustration free. I'm happy with the overall physical design, as I spent a lot of time reading reviews prior to buying my laptop, and as far as software is concerned; I'm generally at ease with the environment I've created myself.

    What does drive me insane is my work PC. It's generally under powered for the tasks I'm required to do in my role (primarily spreadsheet work), it struggles with basic caching tasks and loading of programs, our network is slow, and our CRM software runs like it's been shot in the foot.

    Worst of all I'm completely powerless to make any significant changes to increase my productivity whilst using it.

      Use your laptop instead, and claim depreciation on Tax.

        Nice idea - but not gonna happen; my employer won't allow it.

          Oh, one of those employers. I'm sorry.

            Time for you to upgrade from incarceration to employment.

    "18 per cent even said computer problems are more stressful than taxes."

    I dunno if this means much though? Just speaking personally I don't own a business and only work 1 job so dealing with tax has hardly ever stressed me that much. Comparatively it's not like I'm getting annoyed at my computer all the time, but if you counted every little annoyance I've ever had with computers you'd find, technically, that computers stress me out far more than taxes. It's not like I find computers especially annoying it's just that I use them all the time, rather than dealing with taxes which is something that generally comes up once a year for me.

    Anyway various computers sometimes stress me out, like earlier today when I was looking for a way to permanently disable the sleep button on my keyboard because I never use sleep mode, very much dislike it, and don't wanna continue to run the risk of accidentally bumping the button. It's usually a very limited, short lived sort of stress unless it's actually to do with something important, like work, though.

    Those people that find Taxes and Computers stressful really should avoid using e-Tax...

    So so true, I see a lot of poorly programmed pieces of software companies have built up over the past decade and they have such an ancient architecture they run like shhiii.... And users still have no idea how to use the best part of their functions.

    Yeah I've never really had to much drama with PCs and the troubles I've had were all my own doing. Trying to run games through wine in linux. Very frustrating but at the end of the day it's my doing. Besides all that my PCs do exactly what they were intended to do quite well. Though the number of problems ive seen such as ie always crashes and on closer look it's because of some stupid search assistant they have installed, but that still seems to be Microsofts fault some how.

    Recently purchased a new PC and done my taxes, so in my experience, the PC was waaaay more stress. My main issues are around incompatibility with my old stuff (Disciples 3 worked almost perfectly on old computer, now crashes every 5 minutes and has no sound), "new and improved" interfaces (like removal of Quicklinks on Win 7), and just general anxiety that my $1500 machine is going to fail before it starts (like turning on for the first time, blue LED lights up... turns off for 5 seconds, then lights up again, turns off again, then works).

    Taxes - determining whether to use log-book method or cents per kilometer, wondering if I can claim my tablet, how much of my personal phone bill can I claim. Though I suspect that if I were to be audited, stress would hit the PC level.

    My computers are generally not very stressful, it's other people's comps I have stress with.


    I've not really had any problems with any of my PCs since I first got Windows XP up and running. Yes, I've had HDDs die and I've lost work but I didn't get annoyed with the PC, I got annoyed with myself for not having everything backed up.

    Work, OTOH, is a completely different story. The MacPros I use in my current job take me back to the days of Windows 95. They freeze, they won't let me log on, they lose my settings - e.g. today I logged on and my customised dock was there for about 5 minutes, then flashed and reverted to a generic layout with none of the applications I need on it. Some of the blame definitely belongs to the network, which can be dog slow at certain times of the day but we definitely have a lot more problems than the editors down the hall, on their PCs.

    Working in IT support, I can definitely say PEBCAC. (Google image it).

    I have two home PC's, each on different vlans for security reasons. 1 PC I have locked down to the max that I am admin on, it never skips a beat and runs beautifully. The other, it is the wild west. 1 account with full admin privledges and it has a problem every hour on the hour.

    I would like to see pc licenses introduced. I need to sit a test and practise to use a car, I lose demerit points for reckless/dangerous/dumb stuff, so why not pc. If you dont know how to start a car you shouldnt be driving. If you dont know how to turn on a pc, your should be computing.

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