How Much Does Your Computer Stress You Out?

A recent survey commissioned by computer hardware company Crucial has turned up a few interesting statistics on computer stress: 94 per cent of respondents said they have had computer problems drive them up the wall, and a little over half aren't happy with how their little internet box behaves in general. 18 per cent even said computer problems are more stressful than taxes.

Like anyone, I've had my share of computer stress. Sometimes it's just temporary, insufferable lag. Other times I've lost paragraphs of work due to a crash, and then there's the dreaded "I didn't backup, like ever" hard drive crash. That one, at least, is worse than taxes, I think.

Does your computer stress you out more than it makes your life easier? Do you curse at it under your breath? Loudly? What's your worst comp-stress horror story? Let it out in the comments below. It's good for you. [Tom's Hardware]

Image: Peter Bernik/Shutterstock

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