Homer Simpson Discovers The Dangers Of Electronic Voting

It's hard to believe The Simpsons have been on the air for almost a quarter of a century, but season 24 is just around the corner and Fox has just released this teaser for the season premiere airing September 30 in the US.

It's election time in Springfield and Homer has to decide between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, with grave results when he finally casts his vote. In a mere minute and half the clip takes jabs at everything from voter registration, to Obamacare, to Romney's tax returns, to a very Foxconn-like Chinese factory. This clip looks solid, but can the series hold out for another season? Fox seems to think so. [YouTube via NewLaunches via Mashable]


    It's funny how bad the Simpsons is now., I'll stick to Seasons 1-9 who's with me?

      OH come on! That was hilarious!!!

      So with you! The original writing team must be besidfe themselves.

      I dont know why that Texan guy has been in evey episode for the last 10 years. He's not even remotely funny.

    LOVED IT!!!!!!

    Isn't that just pretty much the same joke as the LAST election joke?

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