Here's A Galaxy-Shooting Camera You Might Actually Be Able To Afford

How do photographers get those absolutely stunning photos of the stars? Not by aiming a point-and-shoot at the sky. To zoom into galaxies far away you not only need specialised glass — you need the right type of image sensor in your camera. And while they don't come cheap, at least now they come… cheaper.

The new Nightscape 8300 CCD camera is the cheapest camera to carry the extremely sensitive, 8MP Kodak KAF-8300, which is by all accounts one of the most fantastic image sensors for taking pictures of the nether regions of space. And by cheapest, we mean it costs $US1700. Yes there are other cameras that are maybe a tad cheaper, but none with these guts. It's a small price to pay for putting the universe at arm's reach. [Celestron]

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