Google TV Finally Goes On Sale In Australia

Google TV is a tough product to come by in Australia. We stood on our tiptoes looking over the proverbial gadget fence at our US counterparts wondering when we'd get a turn. Now though, after much bundling and exclusive product periods, the Google TV from Sony is now available to purchase in Australia. How much is it and where can you get it?

You're able to pick up the Google TV from Sony for $299 from Sony Centres and online right now. From 1 October, though, Harvey Norman will also carry the unit.

The unit boasts the ability to turn any TV into a smart TV. It certainly does that, but like we mentioned in our review, it's a device best for people with an amplifier. That way you won't have to use it as a separate input.

The Google TV from Sony was previously only available as a bundle with select Sony TVs. We're checking to see if that bundle offer is still valid.

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    Is this using ARM chips? or still Atom? Does flash work on it?

    Interested about the content you can get here in Australia, any word on that ?

      Basically, no Netflix, no Hulu, no HBO Go. You've got access to the Google Play store and anything you can find on the web. That'

        So it just turns your tv into a browser? Doesn't sound that great.

          doesnt kogan sell a HDMI stick that does that for much cheaper?

            You can get a much better version of that android stick from aliexpress for 68 bucks ug402. That's the dual core model.

            Yeah but the draw card for me is that the Android sticks/boxes etc run vanilla Android (Generally GB or ICS). This runs the Google TV version of the OS. Some apps are laid out differently on GTV vs Android.

            An example close to my interests:
            Plex on Android is designed with a touch UI, with little relish.
            Plex on Google TV is designed with a 10ft user experience UI, similar to their Laika client.

    Gizmodo US has reviewed the unit: US $199 - AU Tax at work as usual

      If the US version is bad, I wonder what you would say about the AU version.

        Considering this is gizmodo and its a google product. I think that would be a very easy guess.

          Au Gizmodo is pretty fair usually to any brand of product. The US Gizmodo on the other hand is just one-eyed for Apple.

    Wonder if this will make my Revue more useful in Australia, hopefully I can plug my digital box in and have it pickup TV guides.

    tvpad is where it's at these days

    any word on the samsung chromebox?

    I got one with my new Bravia, and let me tell you - it's pretty crappy. I was going to connect it up to my old Sony LCD TV to stream video, but guess what - no DLNA streaming! If all you want it a reasonable browser for the TV, then you may like it for the touchpad remote - but that's probably about it. Also, the Sony bundle offer expired after 2/9/12.

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