New iPhone Apps: Navigon, Skitch And More

Now that the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are out of the gate, developers everywhere are rolling out new apps and updating old ones. This week we have a newly updated alternative to Apple's iOS 6 maps, the best annotation tool for photos, pain management advice and Ricky Gervais endorsing voice messages.

NAVIGON Australia: Apple's new maps in iOS 6 have been shown to be unreliable, to say the least. Garmin has just updated its Navigon maps for iOS 6 and dropped the price for a limited time, so you don't have to go without turn-by-turn navigation and other useful features. $59.99.

Skitch: We're huge fans of Skitch here at Gizmodo — it's a simple, straightforward way to annotate photos with arrows, circles, lines and text. It's also fun and integrates seamlessly with Evernote. Free.

Race Fan Ultimate: NASCAR: Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. NASCAR has entered the race with an official iPhone app featuring live race radio, a calendar of events and information on all your favourite drivers. $1.99.

Just Sayin': Comedian Ricky Gervais is behind this strange little app that lets you leave voice messages combined with text and photos to Facebook and Twitter. Because sometimes sarcasm isn't properly conveyed unless you're speaking. Free.

WebMD Pain Coach: Are you plagued by chronic pain? WebMD's new app aims to help you manage your pain, identify triggers and ride out uncomfortable ailments such as back pain, migraines and arthritis. Free.

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