First iPhone 5 Drop Tests: Very Sturdy... But It Still Shatters

You might be longing to fondle your new iPhone 5 lovingly, but there are people out there who just want to break them — as a public service, of course. The first iPhone 5 drop tests are starting to come in, and as painful as they may be to watch, the new iPhone holds up remarkably well against punishment, notably better than its predecessor.

In fact, both tests show that you basically have to actively try to break your phone to cause any serious damage. It also, for what it's worth, holds up much better than the Galaxy S III (below). That's no excuse to start throwing it around, but you can rest assured that this year's model isn't made of glass, literally or figuratively. [iFixYouri, Android Authority]


    Okay, so don't chuck your phone at the floor. Got it!

    This video is comical! The fact he chucked it at the floor... At least it's not made of plastic.

      Well I don't find the fact that he had to resort to throwing it at the floor comical, that just shows you the force needed to break the glass.
      All the drop before that shows that in normal drop situations the phone should survive with minimal damage and an intact screen, far better than the previous versions of the iphone.
      That said I am very careful to not drop my phone or anybody else's phones , I own a SGN.

    So if you're really tall and drop it whilst holding it up to your ear you're screwed?

    Just a thought.
    What if they weighted these devices so that it always falls on the same side ie. not the glass?

      Would this really work with a phone as thin as this though?

    I actually struggled to watch that, new (expensive) technology being broken on purpose is tough to watch.

    SO 'normally' dropped from any human height, it seems like it's got a good chance of surviving alright.

    However if you actually throw it at hard floor face door, the glass will shatter.

    I think there's a lesson for us there kids. Can you see what it is?

    Plus he had dropped it heaps of times before it broke. So it was probably already structurally weakened.

    I don't think he knows how to naturally drop things, both phones out of the pocket were more of a "throwing it away like rubbish" underhand toss, the chest heights, especially with the Samsung were more like "omg a bee is near me" wrist flick, and the ear drop was like throwing rubbish in a bin that was slightly higher up.....that being said though the iPhone 5 is definatly more sturdy then the 4 and 4S so good on them for that.

    The ultimate lesson is don't drop your phone, if you are uncoordinated enough that you can't hold things in your hand then a $700+ phone isn't for you

      Yes, because accidents never happen.

    In and out of my purse all night with no case and my iphone 5 shattered. Had my iphone 4 for years, no problem.....

    It's not ever really the force that breaks the phone, it's the impact point. Making tests like that unrealistic.


    Dropping on a nice smooth flat floor is the best possible scenario. Try it on a rough concrete side walk/footpath and see if it survives.

    Drop test seems to have passed perfectly. The throw-to-the-ground-in-fit-of-rage test didn't seem to though.
    It's good to know that if I'm a total 'tard and dropped my phone a dozen times in a row in the course of a few minutes won't put me out of pocket though.

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