FireWood Pocket Lets You Keep A Fake Fire Raging In Your Pants

Get ready to welcome the newest addition to that long list of weird gadgets you really couldn't possibly need, FireWood Pocket is here. Because who doesn't want a keychain that emulates a lone, flaming piece of firewood?

Produced by TakaraTomy Arts, the keychain not only looks like a piece of wood (duh) but it also has a built-in, glowing orange light that will pulse when you blow on it, and the appropriate crackling sound effects. It doesn't seem to actually heat up though, which is a blessing and a curse I suppose.

If you're not into freaking people out in public, there's also a desktop version that boasts all the same features, with the addition of an MP3 mode, where the fake bonfire with glow and crackle according to your soundtrack. The pocket and desktop version are available online for $US13 and $US74 respectively, if you're willing to trudge through a Japanese website and try to buy one that way. Surely they'll be coming soon to some exporter, to help satiate your bizarre keychain desires. [Nigishow via TechnaBob]

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