Dubai Is Now The Craziest City In The World


    Awesome! Probably the smartest thing they can do to future proof their country, create an incredible city that'll still put 'em on the map even when the oil dries up.

      Except when all those buildings are old and crappy in 30 years and the have no money to build new shiny ones. The problem with building so quickly, other that the no doubt shoddy workmanship that goes into them, is they will all age at the same time. Leaving a city in 2040 that looks like 2010.


    You can see my home from there.

    Is that a photo or a CG render?

    It's even crazier when you live here. (And not always in a ''good crazy'' kind of way.)

    But I really do appreciate the effort the locals put into architecture... Along the main road, and through the CBDs, you won't see a single boring rectangular slab-sided glass tower. Instead, the buildings are like monumental sculptures, fulls of curves and other interesting features.

    Contrast that with Australian capital cities, where the only imperative seems to be to maximise floor space and minimise construction costs.

      Yeah who cares if thousands of people are effectively slave labour, as long as the buildings look cool eh?

        Dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks

      Are there any cafe's? Looks pretty desolate to me.

        I've been to Dubai many times. The only part that's got any heart is the old city near the port rashid. All the new stuff to the west is just desperation. The place is bankrupt one is buying these places and the indian, pakistani, thai and philo work force will leave once the jobs start dissapearing.

          The Karama area is quite nice too..

    Ug. That's terraforming for ya. This is horrible. It's ugly and a blight on the world. We don't need curvy towers; just normal, conformist towers. Not these molten lumps of metal and glass.

    Says Jesus. Pfft. (BTW that does look awesome)

    I think this requires a discussion of HOW Dubai has come to be….. Oil money and slave workers

    Sure mate. Sounds like you know. As an Aussie having lived in Dubai and Around UAE, I can tell you - there are far worse places to be mistreated. That's why so very many of the poorer folk are working in Dubai. No body is forcing you to go or come to Dubai.... It is wondrous. Would go back to work in a flash if given the chance..

    BTW... Anyone looking for someone to work in Dubai ? :) have skills, will travel

    That's no city... that's a GTA map waiting to happen...

    I agree, it's nuts. Those buildings will make spectacular ruins when the oil runs dry in a few years.

    Pity it's a fascist police state build by slave labour that's hated among the Arab world.

      Oh wouldn't it be terrible to be hated by the Arab World.... oh, wait.

    There is certainly a huge wealth divide in Dubai. However, people are here because they have chosen to be ... getting a leg up from the ''even more'' abject poverty of places such as rural Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Philippines. I've spoken to many people who are proud they're earning a living, getting ahead, educating themselves, sending money back home to their families, etc.

    I'm not going to defend the poor living conditions and wages paid to some migrant labourers. The government could certainly put in place higher minimum wage conditions and safety nets etc.

    Will one day be the greatest ghost town in history.

    Dubai doesn't even have much oil money. Mostly it is in the surrounding Emirates. Thus why they need to borrow from the Khalifa to finish the Burj.

    When I look at the photo I notice all the tall and thin building and wonder if that is to maximise surface area for cooling, i.e. like radiator fins, or if that is just a co-incidence.
    p.s. - can't we all just agree to celebrate the engineering wonders of Dubia here on GIZmodo and go elsewhere for social geo political commentary?

      I *think* the tall and thin aspect is more to do with small plot sizes and no impetus for plot consolidation between the few developers, as well as the stability of foundations. Dubai is essentially a huge sandpit, so lots of work/expense has to go into building deep foundations to support a structure.

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