Did The New iPod Nano Copy The Nokia Lumia...Or Vice Versa?

There's a hilarious image floating around the internet today about how Apple, the flag bearer of "don't you dare steal my design lest you owe me a billion bucks", copied Nokia's Lumia with the iPod Nano. Just take a look at the image above! The iPod Nano on the right has the same rounded edges, same organically slapped on screen and same wacky colours as the Lumia on the left!

CALL THE LAWYERS! Or maybe not. The humorous history goes a little deeper than iPod Nano cribbing Lumia style. Stuart Gibson dug in and revealed something else: the Lumia actually looks like two old iPod nanos stacked together! Take a look:

Do we smell lawsuits coming in every direction or is this going to be good 'ol fun for the two companies? Hopefully, it's the latter. [@StuartGibson]



    cue fanboy outrage in three... two...


        He is talking about working across disciplines. The idea is that creative people benefit by learning a different practice to their major one. Learning new skills allows the creative individual to acquire new problem solving strategies. It is generally thought that this will manifest in new ways to view or approach their practice or area of interest.

      I so hope Nokia wasn't contracted in some way to build or licence the case cause please please please Nokia, sue Apple's ass off this planet. Samsung will pay your legal costs I'm sure.

    I'll be the first fan boy to chime in apple copied the Nokia N9. The lumia copied the N9

      Nokia N9 was June 2011 - between the 6th gen Nano and the Lumia 800.

      The Lumia 800 is based on Nokia N8 not the N9.
      The N8 was presented before the Nano at that time at WWDC and N8 was presented in early 2010 (out on October 2010). Nokia Keynote was before Apple keynote for the Nano (September 2010)

      So we solve the equation, Apple copied Nokia !

    So something with a coloured border around a screen is patentable now is it?

      why not, if a company can patent a mswipe of the hand or the shape of a button why the hell not.

        if someone can patent a rectangle with curved edges.. well..

      Considering how rectangles with rounded corners are now patentable, why not?

    Haha! Gold! A year ago, people were mentioning that the Nokia 800 phone looked like an earlier version Nano: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2011/10/nokias-hot-new-windows-phones-lumia-800-710-hands-on/
    (see the first paragraph under "Lumia 800 Hands On")

    What was wrong with the 6th Gen, not a huge fan of the new Nano, despite loving the Lumia


    Wouldn't it be interesting if Nokia took Apple to court over this and won?

      I really hope they would

    One could argue that the old iPod Nano copied the iRiver S10...

    Everything's a remix folks, get over it! :--]

      Oh dear god... But It's Not Google?!?!

    Apple already used Nokia Lumia as an example in court that designs don't have to copy theirs and can be original.

    Look back to 2006 and the second-gen Nano. That's where it started.

    Gizmodo need to add Nokia N8 before the the iPod Nano (September 2010) so people will see that the Nokia line was defined many years ago!
    People now understand that Apple copied Nokia in the new Nano / Touch.
    Not vice versa

    Actually, Nokia Lumia is blue with black, while's (cr)Apple has a blue with white device, they 'revolutionized' the design by changing one color

      of course, apple "changes everything, again" simply by changing the colour it's what they do

    wrong, the lumia is copied from nokias n8.
    Nokia has patented it, so apple could be sued.


      the media only shows when companies steal from apple not vice versa. Please check the link above. Nokia had a lawsuit against apple late 2009 and was resolved in 2011. Nokia won and Apple had to pay licensing fees to Nokia.


        here's another one and this started and 2012 and not settled yet.

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