Clever Coke Ad Turns Any Magazine Into A Speaker Dock

iPhone users in Brazil who also subscribe to a magazine called Capricho recently got an extra bonus in one issue. But it wasn't a promo code for a free iTunes track or anything like that. No, it was a special printed cover that turned the rolled up magazine into a passive amplifying speaker for their phone.

The clever stunt was, not surprisingly, an advertisement for Coca-Cola -- specifically a special promotion that was running in South America. But if you study the video carefully and are handy with a hobby knife, there's no reason you couldn't also turn a copy of Sports Illustrated or National Geographic into a similar speaker dock that isn't shilling sugar water.

[Vimeo via Apartment Therapy]


    Rather novel.

    If Im watching a movie on my iPad I'll curl my hand around the speaker to get nicer, slightly more directed sound. I wonder if anyone has made something that will do that without me having to hold it (bar actual speakers)

    Yeah Owen there wasa kick starter project a little while back where a piece of modelled plastic stuck around the speaker and does what ur doing with ur hand. Forget what it's called though

    error playing video.

    love the idea though

    Cleavercpiece of advertising

    Or just get a sticky note and place it near the iPad/iPhone speaker and then create a slight curve towards you with the sticky note. A cheap disposable amplifier.

    Thanks for playing.

    Clever idea but I can't imagine the acoustics being decent at all. Plenty of people have latched onto this phone speaker thing, they were handing them out as freebies at the pub a month ago, little plastic stand.

    Is it iPhone 5 compatible?

      Of course it is*

      *When using it with the amazing new Magazine Wonder Adapter Pro RRP $49.95 available

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