Canon PowerShot S110: A Touchscreen Is Exactly What Canon's Best Point-and-Shoot Needed

For years we've been ranting about Canon's S-series PowerShot cameras. They're fantastic, versatile pocket cameras. Well the PowerShot S110 is the upgrade to last year's pretty darn great S100 — now it's got new capacitive touchscreen controls and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The best part about the Canon S-series cameras is that they're so easy to use. In addition to their crazy portable size, the control ring around the lens on the front tuns one of the tiniest cameras into a shooter with basically full-manual controls. The 3-inch touchscreen is only going to make adjusting shooting settings and navigating the camera's menus even easier than before.

As for the new Wi-Fi, this is becoming a more or less standard feature on all cameras, and especially on little point-and-shoots like the S110. Will this make the S110 so convenient that you'll ever take a smartphone photo again? We'll have to wait and see, but so far our experience with Wi-Fi cameras indicates that the connectivity comes at the price of simplicity.

Otherwise the camera is pretty much the same as the S100: 12.1-megapixel, 1/1.7-inch sensor, f/2.0 lens 5x zoom lens, Digic 5 image processing, and HD video recording. It will be available next month.

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