Can You Sue Apple Over A Broken iPhone Screen?

Can You Sue Apple Over A Broken iPhone Screen?

When a group of iPhone 4 owners realised their screens were broken, they did what angry American mobs do best, and rallied together for a class action to take Apple to court. They sued over misrepresentations allegedly made by Apple in relation to the strength of the device’s screen glass. Today, these idiots and their case were thrown out of court faster than you can say your favourite expletive.

According to GigaOM, the case was thrown out of court today because the Judge said claims made by the late-Steve Jobs about the stiffness and toughness of the iPhone’s screen were “mere puffery” about the product.

So no. You can’t sue Apple over your broken iPhone screen. Why? Because it’s glass, not sheet metal, dumb-dumb. Be more careful with your things.

Go have a read of the judgment here if you’re into that sort of thing. [GigaOM]

Image: Peter Werkman