Bruce Willis Not Suing Apple After All

Yesterday we brought you the news that action star Bruce Willis would sue Apple for the right to bequeath his music collection to his three daughters once he shuffled off this mortal coil. That left us scratching our heads a bit, and only now did the final piece fall into place: it was all fake.

Image: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

That's right. We were had. I'm not proud of it, but what are you going to do? Serves me right for trusting the upstanding, moral beacon of modern journalism also known as The Sun I guess.

The story was debunked overnight as Willis' wife Emma Heming tweeted to a follower that the story wasn't true.

A shame. I would have love to have seen Die Hard 5: A Good Day To iHard. [Emma Heming via TechCrunch]



    Apple to Bruce. Shhhhh, you can pass your music on as long as you don't sue. We look bad enough already and a don't want the public to realize we are ripping them of with iTunes as well.

    Well done admitting your mistake, unlike some sources which have just made the sotry disappear from their feed as if they never mentioned it.

    I feel derpy now because I emailed this story through to Gizmodo yesterday :/

      Today, we are all derpy.

        " We"?

        um... don't be lumping us all under one umbrella, most of us knew this was a load of BS by the time we finished your article yesterday

    There's another piece of that awesome investigative journalism you were talking about yesterday.... well done.... [I] We pride ourselves in making sure we have all the facts [/I]

    I dont mind the story is fake.

    Either way it is a GOOD thing to bring to the pulic's attention that they dont own digital content they pay for.

      I paid for a cake the other day, it was delicious. No longer with me - I really don't mind.


    i dont care about the Bruce Willis story, more about if iTunes music is automatically illegal after death?
    never bought an single song off iTunes though so wont affect me.

    Well it was on the lunchtime news in Queensland an hour or so it must be true. }:]
    Yay internet.

    Twitter said it was fake so it must be fake

    Does Bruce Willis even exist? I'm sure he's animatronic

    He's actually operated by the same puppeteer that works the Nicholas Cage puppet!

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