Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Security Bug Could Wipe Your Android Phone [Updated: Not Just Samsung!]
Some Samsung and HTC devices are affected. Check to see if yours is vulnerable and what to do if it is.

Scientists Discover Why You Remember Good News And Ignore The Bad
As vague as it may sound, this is one step forward towards understanding and treating depression more effectively.

Lytro Cameras Are Finally Coming To Australia
Hey, it’s that camera! The one that lets you focus after the photo is taken!

Is Samsung’s New Galaxy Nexus 2 Currently In Testing?
Obviously the camera that comes with it isn’t going to be amazing.

Google Says It Hasn’t Submitted A New Maps App For iOS Yet
We already know it’s no skin off Google’s back since it makes no money on maps either way.

Image: talkoftomatoes/Flickr