Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

NASA Discovers Mysterious Spheres On Mars
It’s giving me the hibbie jibbies.

Developers Suspect The New Kindle Fires Will Be Hack-Resistant
Someone will find a way — someone always finds a way — and then post the vague instructions online so that noobs can do it for no good reason other than because they can.

Giant Magnifier For Those Who Still Find The iPhone 5′s Display Too Small
It doesn’t look like it will balance well on your lap. It needs a base.

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Hit Two Million In 24 Hours
And that’s just in the nine launch countries. The iPhone 5 will roll out to 31 countries by October and be in 100 countries by December, even though current shipping dates have been delayed as Apple struggles to meet demand.

Rumourmodo: New, Bigger Samsung Galaxy S Coming March 2013?
Probably a safe bet considering the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III came out around that time of year too.

Image: A Culinary (Photo) Journal/Flickr