Bluetooth Gloves: Because Talking Into Your Hand Looks Less Stupid Than An Earpiece

It's an issue that's plagued mobile phone users for years now. You like the convenience a Bluetooth headset promises, but don't want to look like a complete tool walking down the street. So as a happy medium, Hi-Fun has created this Bluetooth glove that lets you make and take calls like you're pantomiming the 'call me' gesture.

As you can probably surmise, the glove's feature a speaker built into the thumb, a microphone built into the baby finger, and a simple set of controls on the back of the hand for pairing and other functions. The folks at Engadget took it for a spin on the IFA show floor and weren't exactly impressed with its performance -- particularly since a pair will cost just north of $US60 when they're available in October. And while they're clearly designed for use in cold weather conditions, it's probably not a good idea to get the electronically-enhanced gloves wet. So forget about calling in reinforcements during a snowball fight.

[Hi-Fun via Engadget]



    Is this sarcastic? Who the hell wants those? I would rather
    a) continue using my regular headset (if I had one)
    or more likely
    b) just use my actual phone considering my hand is there anyway (making a phone talking hand signal no less?)

    Where do they come up with this shit? Go finish watching Max Smart talking into his shoe!

    I would rather wait for the bluetooth shoe when it comes out. Make a lot more sense and look less silly when holding to your ear.

    How exactly does this help keep your 'hands free', which is the whole point of an earpiece?

    So instead of looking like a douchebag, you can now look like an mentally insane person, awesome! quick hand me my credit card! :)

    I actually find this pretty cool, and I don't see why all of you are mocking this, it would be pretty good to use as a prank, and considering the price, using this as a novelty device would be pretty satisfying ! :)

    It's reminiscent of Inspector Gadget!! Just needs the telescopic thumb antenna.. I love it as a novelty. I'm all for random novelty toys and gadgets. I even recently purchased some sparkly, glittery silver platform pimp shoes! Along with some assorted face and head masks, a selk bag and other bits and pieces of randomness that will get random usage as long as they are able to be used.

    My mullet wigs that I purchased some 6 years ago are still in fighting form, still getting the priceless reactions from members of the public.. Especially when paired with one of my Stetsons and a dose of denim!

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