Australian Telcos Shun Midnight iPhone 5 Launches

An iPhone launch brings with it a special kind of madness. People queue (or pay others to) for days on end to be one of the first to get their hands on a new device, and to celebrate this descent into shameless consumerism (which we're all for), Australian telcos like to hold midnight launch parties. This year, though, will be one of the first that a flagship iDevice launch goes without a midnight launch.

We've been asking around, and found that Apple fans wanting to get their drink on before the device hits shelves will be left out in 2012.

Vodafone has confirmed that it'll be doing no such event this year, with focus instead put on shipping out preorders from 8am AEST on Friday. The same is true of Optus, and Telstra.

Stores will be opening early at 8am to get pre-orders out of the way as quickly and efficiently as possible, though, so if you're queueing, you'll be waiting an extra eight hours for your iPhone 5.

What's a few hours compared to a week of waiting, though?

Have you ever attended a midnight launch for anything? The only midnight launch I've ever been do is the launch of World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion. I was a different person then...



    I was at the midnight launch for the iPhone 4, after that long long experience I always said I would just pre-order on the net, and if I have to wait a few extra days or weeks, it was worth it.....

    Who do you need to call at midnight? 8am is fine for the die hards.

      Hookers and drug dealers. All the good stuff happens after midnight.

        To paraphrase How I Met Your Mother

        Barney: Good things only happen after 2am

        Hookers and drug dealers.... then hookers again?

          your wasting time and credit. just call a drug dealing hooker

    They can't do midnight launches as apple have embargoed sales before 8.01am Friday.

      ^^ Yeap this. Apple got the shits after Telstra did it.

    PlayStation 2 and Xbox launch way back in the day...

    The problem with midnight launches in Australia is they're historically craptastic! There is no special atmosphere, the stores don't plan anything except security and queue management. You end up queuing for ages just to get something that you can get the next day without any queue at all.

      It's not deserving of any fanfare, so why would there be any?

    Why would anyone queue anyway? It's a goddamn PHONE!! Wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Have sex with your partner instead or go to a club and get one. There are better things to do after midnight than queue for a phone..

    I wasn't going to queue for the iPhone 4 but after 11pm I heard a report that the line was not that long at a local Telstra shop so turned up at 11:30 and was about 20th in the line. Was home by 1:30am I believe so was happy with that.

    It was an experience. Free drinks, entertainment, But one I have done once and never again. I'll order online whenever I decide which way I'm going and that'll be that.

    I have a feeling the bricks and motar stores probably don't have enough stock to last more than an hours or two so no justification for the extra costs of launching at midnight.

    Pre-ordeded on Apple website. Midnight launches aren't worth the hype like they used to be.

    baaa baaa baaa

    order on the internet, simple and painless

    I remember the brain dead windows geeks lining up for windows 7. I bet they were pissed when they finally got it home. And I bet they never did that again.

    Well you do get "Free" water, and a brolly if it's raining.......

    Apparently no one is allowed to sell them outright, at least on release day. All the Telco's, Harvey Norman, Dick Smiths all said they were not allowed to sell outright. I have one pre-ordered with Apple, and found my pre-order has now slipped to 5-12 Oct, so I was hoping to buy locally on Friday then cancel my order, but doesnt look like anyone will be selling outright. Again supports the idea that Apple have not had many made prior to release day, and all the Telco's with them for plans likely dont have very many at all. Makes the headlines guaranteed that iPhone 5 sells out in xx hours. Bring it all on though I say. Look forward to hearing some reports from peeps with hands on.

      I can tell u this is not correct. You can buy outright u just need to know where to look.

    They should have paid all the homeless people to collect the phones.

    It would highlight the irony...

    I dont get how apple says 21st on the website when you pre order but then later on pushes it to a later date. mine got pushed to 1st October and im not happy!!

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