Australia Will Be Getting iOS 6 Turn-By-Turn Navigation After All

There was plenty of foot-stamping when we found out that iOS 6 wasn't going to have turn-by-turn navigation in Australia, but Scott Forstall, Apple's head of iOS seems to have heard our collective moping.

Apple's aforementioned nifty iOS 6 features page was updated this morning. It now reads thusly:

Yay! Apple is going to tell us where to go in October! Wait. That came out wrong.

Thanks everyone for sending this in. [Apple]



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    Just a random thought Luke, but would the turn by turn be supported on the new ipod touch obviously connected to a wifi source.

      Probably, but considering that you need to be moving to make use of TbT, there doesn't seem to be much point, considering that staying connected to wifi the whole time would be very difficult.

        In an urgent case you could bluetooth your ipod to your mobile phone... just saying. Not the best way to do it but it would work... Ive done it before.

          Android caches the route in case you get out of coverage. Perhaps iOS does the same.

      I haven't looked, but does iOS 6 support offline maps like Nokia does?

        iOS 6 stores a large area of map data in its cache for offline use without the need for saving a selected area. If you have loaded an area it will keep it in its storage - I do believe the area is bigger than both google maps and nokia maps offline storage areas cover.

      Given that it doesn't have a GPS, I would say no.

    Just get a Nokia Lumia. Free voice guided OFF-LINE maps for every major country in the world. (No data connection or data use required).

      :O your name isn't Bob, it's Nokia/Microsoft employee!!! your name should, intact, be John Doe.

      Indeed - good to see the voice of reason is still around in a select few.

      What is this 'OFF-LINE'? Sounds futuristic...

    Does apple turn by turn even need wifi? Most GPS apps just need GPS signal.

      I'd suspect so. Maps downloads the data as you go, hence the grey grid pattern when loading. Even if it knows your location it wouldn't know where the roads where, so not very handy.

      (And I am referring to 3G/4G data as well, here)

    For all devices that can run iOS 6 or will they restrict it to 4S+ and iPad 'new' ?

      The iPod touch 4th generation already does maps offline, you just search the location you want to go (under a wifi connection) then when you drive off, (away from the wifi) it keeps the location, and tells you where to go. Even when you turn on location services it tracks my car!

    Anyone know if iphone 5 maps need a data connection or will they work offline?

    Does anyone know if the iPhone 5 comes with puppies??
    Yes this is sarcasm

    Whilst interesting, the Nokia Lumia range already include this - plus they are voice guided, OFF LINE requiring no data connection (and you can choose any country in the world for Free!).

    Lumia 920 FTW. :)

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    Hey, this is great news.

    How will the update work>? Another iOS download?

    Also, when using this turn by turn nav, does it use data over 3G ?

    The ios 5.1.1 with google maps didn't need data package because it used the phones inbuilt GPS feature. I tried that with my previous iPhone 4 and with the airplane mode switched on and it did seen to work so not sure if my new iPhone 5 will do the same - guess ill have to try it out
    Great phone but yes apple are screwing us down a little for all their 'fantastic new features' - some 200 according to them...hmm 300 eh ? I can't find about 195 of them......maybe I'm looking in wrong spot

    Today is 12th October. When Apple is going to enable sound in Australia?

    Apple, come on! It is Oct 20th, no update yet, no turn-by-turn nav, your are full of promises, but cannot deliver. You are becoming the Nokia of 5 years ago, dominant and slow.

    Hurry up! you would think that since we have a Australia tax they would treat us a bit better and provide the same services at the same time for the rest of the world

      Apple well has become apple a super-giant who seems todo what the hell it wants. Still not arrived and its the 29th! only 2 more days left of October! Oh and while I'm at it! The new iTunes hasn't been launched yet either!

    Still not arrived come on apple and where is iTunes 11? How can Thailand and Egypt get turn by turn before us?

    Still not here

    It's already November and apple release IOS 6.0.1. I thought it would update the turn by turn navigation buts it's not. Is it only a promise............ to customer?

    Just checked the Apple site at Voice Nav for Aus has been pushed from October to November. Cya again this time next month -.-"

    Dunno about you, but my calendar say its November. Aparently apple are still in October somewhere.

    Very unusual for them not to deliver on time. Probably Sensis (Telstra) trying to screw apple for millions for licence...

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