Aussies Flood Ebay With iPhones Ahead Of Apple Event

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, we'll find out what Apple has planned for (what we expect) is the announcement of the iPhone 5. Before that though, it seems that hundreds of thousands of Aussies are dumping their old iPhones before the launch of the new device, when presumably, their value will diminish.

According to data released by today, listings for the iPhone 4 and 4S have skyrocketed to 403,482 today — an increase of 50,000 listings in the last week alone.

A lot of these are merely accessory listings (377,759), but that still means that there are over 25,000 iPhone available to Australians right now online.

By far the nuttiest iPhone for sale on eBay right now is the original iPhone from AT&T, mint-in-box. You can expect to pay $US8000 for that baby.

I wonder if it's time to sell my iPhone 3GS signed by Steve Wozniak...

Are you selling your iPhone?

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