AT&T's Cutting-Edge Computer Graphics Workstation Looked Outdated Even In 1982

Before the internet as we know it came to be, there were other services that delivered news and information to homes via computers and TVs. Like AT&T's failed Viewtron system, which required content creators to shell out $US34,000 for this Frame Creation Terminal that produced crude computer graphics even by Mario Paint standards.

For that much money — which would be equal to about $US81,000 today — the system at least included a drawing tablet which let artists work more naturally. Or as naturally as an artist can work when limited to simple shapes, minimal font options, and just a 16-shade colour palette. It's no wonder the results weren't exactly digital Rembrandts, and that AT&T wasn't able to entice enough consumers to keep the service fiscally viable for longer than just fous years. [AT&T Tech Channel]

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