Apple Still Had A Year Left On Its Google Maps Contract

Why did Apple kill Google Maps from iOS and make its own maps? The logical thinking was some combination of getting Google off iOS and Apple and Google's Google Maps contract agreement being over. That's only half true. Apple still could've used Google maps for another year under their agreement, Apple just decided to blindside Google by going in its own direction.

Yes. You heard that right. According to The Verge, Apple had another year left before Apple's contract with Google Maps expired. Meaning, you could totally have perfectly capable Google Maps on iOS 6 right now instead of the buggy listings, melty world, Apple crap maps fiasco on your iPhone right now. Instead of using that extra year to build the Apple Maps app into something better and reliable, Apple left it on the table so they could catch Google off guard.

According to The Verge, when Apple decided to go forth with its own Maps app, Google had to scramble "to develop an iOS Google Maps app -- an app which both sources say is still incomplete and currently not scheduled to ship for several months." It sounds a lot like Apple chose a competitive advantage versus Google in releasing its Maps apps as opposed to placing user experience first. [The Verge]



    Once again another reason why Apple fails so hard.

      Fails so hard as to be the most successful tech company on the planet. Do you think with that brain? Silly me, obviously not.

        most successful marketing company... don't you mean

    Interesting. This answers the question that no-one could properly answer for me yesterday.

    I guess this is the negative side of having a yearly cycle. It would either be in iOS6 or iOS7 and I guess they didn't want to wait that extra year to release their own maps. I wouldn't say Apple maps is unusable. It has some hits and misses and there's always replacement apps in the App store if it doesn't cut it for you. I wouldn't call it a bad move by Apple, as long as it's heavily improved within the next 2-3 months.


    I can remember a time when the maps on Google Maps looked like this, were people jumping on Google's back then about it?

      but this is replacing an already working maps app with something completely gone wrong

        But googles iOS maps app doesn't have voice controlled turn by turn directions or 3D images. Yeah, there's no street view, but there's an app for that (pun intended). Completely wrong? Show me. After using it for a week, the only thing a seem to be missing is street view. Have a look at the MCG in flyover and tell me that isn't impressive. Also, check google earth for the Statue of Liberty , it seems to have disappeared. Whose failing again?

      IDK about jumping on googles back but people should be jumping on Apple's back. They could of kept the perfectly good app and everyone would be happy and apple release a finished product for ios7 and no one would complain.

        While google holds back on features Apple were asking for, why would any business be held to ransom by a greedy corporation, willing to sabotage a long term business partner, just to sell a few phones? I gather you've never run a business or been white anted by a business partner. iOS 6 maps is better than googles in so many ways.

      Steve Jobs was quick to point out they would never release something that wasn't perfect and ready. Cut and paste on the iPhone was probably the most complained about feature the iPhone didn't have until Apple was happy it was ready to release. It seems these days it's a petty bun fight and Apple have run out of polish on this product.

      *Correction* Google Maps never looked like this, but Google Earth did. Thing is, G Earth was more of a technology demonstrator and "ooo ahh" toy for looking for landmarks than anything else. No-one actually used it for navigation unlike what iOS 6 maps is designed and marketed as..

      The difference is that technology and standards have improved so much over the past several years to the point that Apple's mapping is just an embarrassment. There was no standard when Google brought out maps, nothing to benchmark it against and so no fallout if it didn't work exactly as desired. Imagine if Windows Phone came out with a resistive touch screen instead of capacitive, they'd be the laughing stock of the tech world for introducing something to market that was so incredibly backward. Case in point, Apple with their maps.

        And this is from your own experience, or just an opinion gathered up by reading about how bad it is? Have you used it? What are your experiences? Show me the "embarrassments" you have had using it yourself, thanks. I have been using extensively and it doesn't match the negative hype written by bloggers just to fill gaps in the news feeds. Use it, and then share your first hand experience. Not just your bias.

    It's about profits, simple as that.

      Exactly. Doesn't matter your views, vision, whatever. At the end of the day business is built in money. Save money = happy shareholders = you get to come into work tomorrow to work another day. And working another day means more time to improve and innovate on what you did yesterday.

    Apple seem to be hell bent on making enemies of every company in the IT industry. It they aren't suing them they are blind siding them. This behaviour will ultimately be the down fall of their company, and I for one will be standing on the sidelines cheering when this happens.

      agree on that one...

      so much +1 for this post. When/if Apple falls, it will fall hard with no one to back it up!

      Blind siding? Everyone knew they had bought a number of mapping companies, whether Apple told Google a date or not, everyone knew it was coming. The only real surprise was how poor the application is performing, the fact they shipped one with iOS 6 was never a big shock but.

      Everybody is suing everybody else. It's not just Apple.

      Haha you can dream mate. I'm not on anyone's side but I can tell you that it's going to be quite a LONG time before the biggest company in history goes down.

        You mean like all the other giant companies that manage to collapse overnight.

        Its no where near the biggest company in history

          No, it's the most valuable buddy. It's cash holdings are greater than Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece combined. They run their business better than 90% of the governments world wide.

        throughout history, empires have risen and fallen. Apple's time will come, we are seeing Tim Cook tentatively plucking strings on his fiddle even now.

          One name comes to mind when I think about failure. Steve Ballmer. Ha ha. What a douche.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I must be the only one happy about Apple releasing their own maps. What it means for me is Google will release a more updated and improved Google Maps for my iPhone. I can't wait till they add that feature which lets you rotate the map with 2 fingers.

      Yeah I think long term it's going to work out well for consumers. Google Maps on iOS was years behind the same application on Android. By decoupling it from the OS they can move away from yearly upgrade cycles (and for the same reasons I think dumping YouTube will also benefit users). Also Google will need to compete now to get their solution onto peoples devices which may improve the chance that features that have been considered 'Android sellers' such as spoken turn by turn will make it to iOS. In the mean time, I think the Google maps website isn't a horrible replacement for what the existing application was able to do anyway.

      Additionally, Apples solution is crap today, but it may not stay that way. In an ideal world given time both products will prove to be good and the consumer will be left with more choice.

      Certainly any move that sees an increased liklihood of more free spoken turn by turn capable apps on the market is only a good thing.

    Feel free to flame me if my comment incites you to, but since I moved over to Android, I haven't looked back. There is no doubt that the iOS was incredibly innovative, but examples like the above reinforce why I moved across. While Apple's sales will still be strong, and the die hard fans will stick with them, I definitely seeing their marketshare drop over the next 12-18 months.

    You can bet Apple will not approve any google maps in the app store. The app would go against their app submission rules or whatever you call it

      Apple has to allow the Google Maps app, otherwise it would face an antitrust case. Just like it allows Amazon's Kindle and other music & book store apps that compete with iTunes.

        No they don't. When a developer signs up for the terms and conditions, one of those conditions is that they can't emulate an app Apple has already included themselves. There are numerous examples of this. It's a private contract between Apple and the developer. No anti trust laws can touch it, when you agree to the terms. Apple OS, Apples phone, Apples terms. Google can go fish as far as I'm concerned. Holding back feature we should have given, just to bolster the android platform. That's not how long term business partners treat someone who has helped them from the very beginning. Good riddance google. I won't be missing your spyware tracking services.

    I am thinking that Apple may have wanted to catch Google off guard. With a year left on the contract, Google would not have a ready developed app. I am guessing that Apple wanted to have a ready flock of their sheep used to using their map system that they would not consider switching over to a Google app, when ever it arrives or not.

    Isn't Apple still using Google Maps for their find your phone programme ??? I think they are

    Apple isn't going anywhere ,it doesn't even matter even when they keep bringing out really shit products because the average Joe still thinks Apple is way above the competition. They are upgrading their phones in .5's now and people are still lining up for this shit, it's getting really sad for technology.

    Sorry, blindsided Google with the decision? I really don't think Google much care as A: they're getting money for free for another year, and B: people are moving across to Android phones from apple because of the maps issue alone.

      Ummm, you do know that google own the android platform? Google will be missing out on cash because with every API connection google maps made on iOS, it got a royalty. That's how it works. Word was that they wanted a higher fee for their API connections from Apple, and Apple wouldn't agree. Why would you when someone holds you to ransom like google have. This is the same reason the YouTube app was removed. Now google have had to supply it free, and no longer get API royalties. Dumbasses.

        You use an unsubstantiated rumour as the basis of your argument and then proceed to call others Dumbasses?

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