Apple Rolls Out New In-Ear Headphones That Might Actually Not Be So Bad

Apple made a historic and much-needed step forward today; it's finally putting its old, terrible headphones to rest. The new "EarPods" mark a bit of a shift in design, but still retain the iconic, white, hey-look-at-me-I've-got-an-iPhone-in-my-pocket colour.

Unlike the previous headphones, these guys are the in-ear type and will hopefully sound and fit a little better than the old ones. In addition to coming bundled with the iPhone 5, they'll also be on sale separately for $35.

It might not be the biggest part of the overall iPhone update, or the one you're the most excited for, but it's probably the one that was the longest time coming. Hopefully they'll justify their oddball look by being better than their predecessors, which should be easily achievable.

Image: Ars Technica

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    Hopefully they sound a little better and are more comfortable, but I'd more hope they used better quality wires. The previous model would only last about 6 month of frequent use, while aftermarket headphones I've bought last years.

    I just hope they are isolated more so i dont have to hear everything people are listening to on public transport...

    I hope you guys have learnt your lesson already after half a decade and buy a decent after market in ear

    I'll always use a good pair of headphones anyway, but at least this way the general public who wouldn't spend money on headphones will get something a bit more decent so I can't hear everyone's music on the train.

    IMHO if you're going to supply earphones with your flagship smartphone, they should be at least "good", if not "great". Otherwise, just don't include them in the box and let your users use their preferred gear.

    Good to see Apple update the earphones, if only for better isolation - not because I would use them, but because I'm sick of hearing other people's music in public, being broadcast from their ears through noisy Apple buds! ^_^

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