Apple Responds To Backlash Over Maps: 'We Are Just Getting Started'

Apple has released a statement in response to the backlash over its new mapping software in iOS 6. Cupertino is known well for ducking issues and making no comments, but today it is promising somehow that the maps will get better as more people use it.

Here's Apple statement in full, as told to AllThingsD:

Customers around the world are upgrading to iOS 6 with over 200 new features including Apple Maps, our first map service. We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn by turn navigation, and Siri integration. We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just getting started with it. Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get. We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.

It's obviously doused in PR hopscotchspeak, but Apple is clearly aware that its maps -- which were supposed to be the biggest feature of iOS 6 -- is one of its worst products since the MobileMe debacle. [AllThingsD]



    "you're holding it wrong!"

      No, you're looking at it wrong

        youre mapping it wrong, no wait, thats to apple...

    LOL APPLE. What exactly are these 200 new features. You make it sound like you actually did work just then, I guess you count small one word code changes as features too right. Google maps is light years ahead, and it will always be light years ahead.

      I typically refrain from using certain word combinations when talking about technology. One of them is "will always".

        In computer speak "always" means about 12 months. If your younger than eighteen it means about 1 week.

      Same as the last lot of "new features" they moved one icon 0.0000001 mm to the left. Didn't you notice?

      You do realise that light years is a measure of distance and not time? Unless you were referring to the position of "Google Maps" in three-dimensional space. In which case, you should consider heading back to the imaginary land from which you came.

        wow... do you feel better now that's off your chest?

      Apple proudly releases an app and when it turns out that that app is not yet out of beta we are the ones at fault for complaining. Sad.

        There is nothing stopping you from buying a Nav / Map App if you don't like it.
        Oh thats right people are too tight-assed these days to pay for quality.

 for quality on iOS or get quality for free on android?

          I think forking out for a new phone means that you've paid.

    i added some html code to a private web server that turns google maps into a web app on my iphone/ipad. it's not like having the native ios app but might be useful just in case and it's better than via the browser bookmark.

    I still think the whole maps thing is yet another massive media over-reaction. for the last 2 years, it has been the non-existent death grip issue and glass breaking. this year its maps. google will release maps on the iphone, if they want to. if you CAN'T LIVE without google maps, just do the same and add it as a web app. it's just not that hard.

      Was your html code ""?

        Yeah, what's he talking about? Just go to in Safari

      played around with a few different things. google maps api v3 is a piece of cake. the basic ios app functionality is easy to get back.

    the only thing funnier than half baked "upgrades" are the fanboys who defend them

      .... and Apple say they're just getting started?? WTF? It took Google 10 years to perfect their mapping system - to be honest thats an effing long time for Apple to get iOS maps up and running and working properly.....

      Clear and simple, they should have played nice and stuck with Google Maps - rather than being the angry baby in the corner throwing dummies at everyone.

        You think Google Maps is perfect? It has many uses but navigation isn't one of them.

          I hear you've got map troubles and I feel for you son. I've got 99 features and navigation ain't one.

    So cloud based *does* mean actual clouds!!

    bit off topic but I wonder what the battery life is like?

    well i just fired up Maps at work near the CBD of Melbourne, and the 3D buildings are pretty spectacular, I suspect there is a lot of whinging for the sake of getting names and headlines in the papers.. MAPS IS AWESOME and can only get better.. PS 100% of Android owners in my office have just left drool marks on my ipad while playing with MAPS so suck it complainers.. You're just wrong.

      But the problem with the 3D buildings is unless youre a bird or Iron Man or Superman, it's not as useful as street view

      do you work at an equal opportunity employer?

        not sure anything about the APS is equal but why not

        dont feed the troll?

      Yeah, but I fired up maps at my house, the sports ground next door was missing, but there was a restaurant in victoria at the end of my street. You can have the pretty flyover, I'd prefer a map that actually has the right things on it.

      Just for laughs I asked it for directions to the restaurant. It'll take me seven hours driving to get there.

        Can you send us a screenshot of that? I'd love to see how the maps app makes a 7 hour journey from the restaurant at the end of your street.

        I would suggest its a hardware issue with your phone, in Victoria the maps are, at least in my mucking around during work hours (yup APS life is SCHweeet) the maps have been 100% accurate and the directions have been flawless... I have noticed that more data is coming online, more overlays of road works, closed roads, business names and contact details have all shown up during today.. I would put forward, that in 6 months time Googles Map app will be all but a distant memory

      "Fastest growing" is such a dubious claim.

    typical apple... so they "removed" google maps from ios6? claimed that there own maps would be "better" and now that they arent its "a work in progress"..

    GG crapple... GG

    ..... what were people thinking , expecting Apple Map will be up to par if not better than Google Map ??? Google Map have years and years worth of data collected around the world and improvements made to it over the years... so at this point, Apple map is obviously not going to be any where close to where Google Map is now..

    besides Apple just cares about the gimmick side of things... call it flyover and people would go WOW... but honestly.. Map is for navigation... if that's not working properly.. then, it ceased to function like it is supposed to be... by the end of the day... who would use a feature such as flyover to navigate their way around ?? IMO, it's just a gimmick to sell the product and the-WOW-Factor. nothing more.

      If maps weren't ready for prime-time, they shouldn't have kicked Google out and forced everyone onto sub-par maps. If Apple have released it, obviously they thought the maps would be up-to-par, or they wouldn't have given the green light.

    seriously how is Apple getting away with claiming turn- by- turn nav is revolutionary?

      No no. It's innovation, which means Apple are appealing to the hipster stupid heads.

    Apple Maps: Convolutionary and World Changing.

    Apparently Google have already submitted Maps to the App store. Its one thing that apple users and google users agree on, ios6 maps does kinda suck.

      Isn't there a clause that apps aren't allowed to duplicate iPhone features or something?

        I thought so but I guess Google are going to put up a feature filled mapping application and the iPhone only has an app that allows you to fly around a poor representation of a few select cities.

        There have been a ton of map apps out there that have all be approved. So I assume this will be accepted ok. *shrugs*

    The difference between Apple and Google with maps is that Google drove/rode/walked along many of the streets around the world and no doubt used data from that to improve their maps.

    I use the public transport maps several times a day. Will be doing my best to not upgrade until I hear it's equally functional on the new OS.

    This is a serious joke. Customers are not BETA testers.

      +1. Half-assed product is a common theme for Apple, and they would label it revolutionary.

      Tell that to google and their beta label on every single thing they've released. Wasn't maps in beta for ages? Gmail too?

        Yeah. but funnily enough... they're free products and no indication to pay for it to be able to use it fully. Considering it is isolated to only Apple products that you'd have to purchase first.. people do expect it to be in a decent working order. I get it from the Data point of view that Apple will need to keep updating it and improve it... but ... a problem with Rendering the images and Off geo location pin point ?? thought they would get that right at least.

      Pffffft. Where have you been for the last ten years. Yes they are!

      Actually, these days we are.

      Gmail was made public in April 2004 and didn't exit beta status until July 2009

        No one is forcing you to use Google Maps or Gmail. You use it by choice.
        It's not like Google went out and removed every other webmail service from the face of the earth.

          No one is forcing you to use Google Maps or Gmail.
          As I pointed out, Gmail was in beta until July 2009. The first Android phone was sold in October 2008. Google did force people to use a beta product.

            Er, you could just not use gmail and use mail instead on the original Android phones? :\

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Yes as with Bing. But these services are free. You pay quite a lot for a iphone that should just work

    Have google submitted a google maps application for iOS yet?

      Not yet, better off buying TomTom from the app store.. LOL

      Yes they have now... how long b4 apple approve it is yet to be seen.

    quote "innovative new features like Flyover, turn by turn navigation, and Siri integration"

    Pity us Aussies got left holding the short straw again. Screw you Apple - Siri doesn't even work properly here, and now dodgy bros hoes maps, what a total crockenbush...

      have you tried buying a different phone?

        No, iPhones have this thing called "upgrading the OS". Android users are probably not familiar with it. It comes right after the mythical "Releasing a phone with the latest OS" you might have heard of.

          LOL. Whilst some Android users may struggle with the Upgrading the OS..., but I'm fairly sure they are VERY familiar with a far superior and functional Map application... and ironically an app that Apple used to use to start with... and now.. AWWWWWW Apple messed up the whole thing with their own "innovative" map... that doesn't even work properly.. Go figure.

            I still don't get it. Works fine for me.

              Try asking for it to tell you how to get somewhere using public transport

                Ah, so is that the problem? Seems rather an overreaction by people simply to that.

          In fairness, some Android phones have very regular updates. Additionally, if you want to - you can go to a site like xda-developers and download custom ROMs with the latest "OS."

          Additionally, I've not heard that users of older iPhones have the best experiences when upgrading (not as fast, smooth etc.) but the reverse is actually true in some (not all) instances of Android. Android users generally also have the flexibility to choose which ROM they want and change as often as they want.

          Different strokes for different folks - but try not to talk out of your backside.

    "We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn by turn navigation, and Siri integration."
    WHAT? Its not innovation its its be done for years elsewhere apple!

      No other phone in the world has Siri integration.

        yet for the last 2 years i could ask my for to navigate to X


    Wow, why are so many just ready and willing to jump on and complain about every statement and software issue that doesn't suit them, or even better, things they think may be an issue for others...
    I am very happy with the updates, the changes and improvements, regardless if they have been in other apps or devices before, aside from the marketing headline that preceded it... Innovation is over rated, if that is what it was then they would have patented it. I am just happy to be getting a free update provided by many thousands of hours of programming toil and labor.

    Well, the maps and satellite photos of where I live are far more up to date in Apple's map than on Googles, so I'm not gonna complain.

    My apartment building is showing under construction on the Apple maps.. sure the building is only 2 years old but I would've thought the images would've been newer then 2yrs.

    Nokia rules.

    "is one of its worst products since the MobileMe debacle."

    Nah. That'd be the Pippen

    It's a repeat of Siri launching with the 4S, one of the major selling points of the upgrade is in BETA, and we aren't explained that until after it launches.

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