Apple: No NFC For You, Maybe In One Year!

When is an NFC antenna not an NFC antenna? When it's reportedly attached to an iPhone 5. Contrary to recent speculation, Apple's newest handset will not feature an NFC payment system.

While Near Field Communications technology has recently gained traction in the marketplace -- mobile payments worldwide are expected to top $US170 billion by the end of the year -- services such as Google Wallet, Square and Citibank PayPass are still restricted to within the United States. Despite Apple's massive market reach and 400 million active credit cards on file, the Cupertino company appears to have adopted a wait-and-see approach, deferring to its competitors to shoulder the risks inherent to NFC's early implementation. Just like it has for the past three years.

Instead, the Passbook app for iOS 6, which was widely speculated as the software backbone for any presumed NFC service, will utilise QR codes for the foreseeable future. Yes, really, QR codes.

Image: Ars Technica



    They are Apple QR codes . I'm sure they are better than ordinary QR codes in some revolutionary way.

      What world are you living in. QR code are QR Codes. They are all the same no matter who creates them

        Please recalibrate your sarcasm detector :P

    Commbank offer the kaching iphone 4/s case. It costs you $40 and you can do pay pass transactions with it. Very cool but hardly worth $40 it should all be inbuilt

    Which is RFID which should be utilised more than scanning. Possible spamming could result though. But it would be a step ahead if all smart phones used this for contact less transactions

    Oh cool, I can use this for pretty much nothing as nowhere I buy anything has a QR reader.

    God I hope the Lumia 920 is released in aus this year.

    so far im not impressed with anything apple has released today. QR codes is a stupid move, apple shouldnt have bothered and instead said were waiting to see how NFC field goes. now thy just introduced another feature I dont see taking off

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could use NFC to connect a phone wirelessly to a speaker dock, then lie the phone down on the dock to charge it wirelessly (another use of NFC)? I wonder which recently announced phone can do that ... :P

    " When is an NFC antenna not an NFC antenna? "
    When it turns out to be a speaker?

    Apple are very smart not putting NFC in their phones, NFC is built on a technology that althrough stable has cracks in it. no phone maker as of yet have an OS or any software that can really protect you. i am not certain but if Apple do incorporate NFC into their phone they are going to have a very smart software to go along with it. Nokia jumped the gun back in the early 2000 having NFC in the phone.

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