Apple iPhone 5 Meta Liveblog: All The News As It Happened

It's that time again. Time for another Apple iPhone announcement. From the iPhone 5 to new iPods and new Apple EarPod headphones, here's how all the news broke overnight...

Whether you joined Giz Australia for our live blog (see below) or were fast asleep, did Apple give you what you wanted? Excited? Underwhelmed? Tell us in the comments!

- Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need To Know

- iTunes 11 On Its Way With A Streamlined Look And New Features

- iOS 6 Will Arrive On Sept 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage

- Apple Rolls Out New In-Ear Headphones That Might Actually Not Be So Bad

- Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

- Apple: No NFC For You, Maybe In One Year!

And We're Live!

[3:00] People are just taking their seats for the event, the lights have just gone down and Tim Cook has taken the stage.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:02] He's starting off by talking about Apple retail and how they built them.

[3:03] Now there's a video of the stores. There are people in Barcelona going nuts for Apple on that video.

[3:04] 83 million people visited an Apple Store last year. Wonder how many just for the Genius Bar or the free Wi-Fi?

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:05] Tim is moving quickly. Now onto Mac and Mountain Lion, which he reveals has been downloaded 7 million times since its launch.

[3:06] Boasts about notebook market share in the US: "Together with the MacBook Air our notebooks rank #1 in the US in marketshare for the last 3 months."

[3:10] More chest beating, now about the iPad. 96 per cent of Fortune 500 companies now use iPads and they're making custom apps for them too. "That's not something they do on PCs."

[3:11] There are over 700k apps in the App Store, with 250k of those just for iPad.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:13] "We have some exciting news about the new iPhone." Phil Schiller takes the stage to talk about it.

[3:13] Yet another history lesson on the iPhone from Phil. We do this every time it seems...

Meet The iPhone 5

[3:14] "Today, we're introducing iPhone 5." Looks like that's the name then. None of this "new iPhone business".

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:15] It just rose up out of the stage and now it's rotating. It's got a metal back just like the leaks. Made entirely of glass and aluminium. No plastic here.

[3:16] 18 per cent thinner than the iPhone 4S at 7.6mm thick, and it's 20 per cent lighter at 112 grams. It's so thin you guys.

[3:17] It's bigger, too. It's got a 326ppi retina display across a 4-inch screen now, not 3.5-inch. The resolution is 1136 x 640, giving it a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:17] Thanks to that bigger screen, Apple's added a new row of icons. Apple is also updating all of its iWork and iLife software for the new screen. That's iMovie, GarageBand, iLife, Pages, Keynote.

[3:18] So how will apps deal with the new screen real estate? Apple's not actually going to stretch them. They'll insert black bars around the edges and centre the app itself.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:19] Phil says that devs are quick to fix their apps for changing Apple devices.

[3:20] The display has better colour saturation than the iPhone 4S. 44 per cent better colour saturation.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:21] The display accuracy has also been improved, Phil says. Touchscreen sensors have been integrated "right into the display".

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:22] The new iPhone does have LTE. But will it have LTE for Australia...? Read: probably not.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:23] Hold the phone! Phil is listing carriers that will support LTE around the world.

"Telstra, Optus and Virgin Mobile..." score a mention! Woohoo!

[3:24] And now onto the new A6 chip. It's 22 per cent smaller in physical size but it's also 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics. More: Apple's New A6 Chip Is Smaller And Mightier

Left image courtesy of Ars Technica. Right courtesy gdgt

[3:25] We're being shown specs that it launches apps up to 2x faster than on the iPhone 4S.

[3:26] We're now getting the obligatory gaming demo. Rob Murray, exec producer from EA is up on stage now.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:27] The graphics are being built to "full console quality". That's a big promise, Rob. We're now being shown rear-view mirrors in a driving game. I'm not much of a mobile gamer, though so I can't say I'm hugely excited. What's your favourite iPhone game?

[3:28] Game Center might actually be useful now: Rob is saying that time-shifted multi-player means you can challenge your friend to a game one day, and have them play you the following day. And now that's Rob done. Bye Rob!

[3:29] Phil returns to the stage. Here to talk battery.

[3:29] Apple is promising big things for this battery. 9 hours of 3G talk time, 3G browsing time, LTE browsing time and 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 of video playback, 40 of music playback and a 225 hour standby time.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:30] Now we're onto the camera. It's 25 per cent smaller than the last one, which is bad news for cameras, but Phil is promising it's still 8-megapixels with backside illumination, a hybrid-IR filter, five-element lens and an aperture of f/2.4.

[3:31] We're being promised better low-light support, too. Mobile cameras are terrible when the Sun goes down.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:33] Phil makes a joke on the camera demo that the shots we're seeing are untouched. There's laughter. Poor Nokia.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:33] There's now a native panorama feature. You hold your phone vertically and sweep, so it's taking another image with each pass. The photo we're seeing of the San Francisco bay is 28-megapixels once it's stitched together.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:35] The Facetime (front-facing) camera has also been updated to support 720p, and you can do Facetime calls over cellular.

[3:36] There's also three mics on this thing now. One on the front, one in the back and one on the front. The earpiece has also been updated for noise-cancellation.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:37] Now we're moving onto the dock connector.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:37] "So much has changed since 2003...we use wireless now for the things we used to use cable for," says Phil.

[3:38] The new cable and connector is called Lightning, like we told you late last night. It's to keep with the Thunderbolt theme. It's 80 per cent smaller with better durability, it's reversible, too. All digital cable.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:40] Don't stress, though you 30-pin holdouts. There's going to be an adaptor. Apple's currently "working on it".

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:41] So that's the hardware. Phil hands over the stage to Scott Forstall who is showing us iOS 6. I feel like that's the never ending demo. When will we get it is what I want to know.

More: iOS 6 Will Arrive On Sept 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage

[3:41] There's a lot of new hardware around the new iPhone. What's the feature you're most looking forward to? Metal and glass construction? Thinner and lighter? 4G? Better gaming? I'm a fan of thinner and lighter to be honest, but I'm not sold on that two-tone design.

[3:44] We're now getting a look at Flyover, the new aerial feature. I guarantee that will only be used at parties to impress people. "I can see my house from here!"

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:45] Safari is getting a full-screen mode! Finally. Mail is getting a VIP section for, well, VIPs, and flagging is better for messages. That's much needed.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:46] We're now getting a better look at Passbook. Virgin Australia is the only airline I know of that's signed on for Passbook in Australia right now. Here's hoping it catches on.

[3:47] We're now getting another look at Shared Photo Streams via iCloud. This always felt oddly creepy to me.

[3:48] Interestingly, it's almost like Apple's own lite-social network. People can Like various photos in your Photo Stream.

[3:49] And now onto Siri, which is still a useless feature in Australia.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:50] Scott's now looking for movie theatres and sushi restaurants. Nothing groundbreaking here. It's very quick though.

[3:50] There's something cool: Siri just posted a message she was dictated to Facebook. Nice. Moving onto Accessibility enhancements. Apple's made a big deal about this back at WWDC. "We think you're going to love it". Oh. That was brief.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:51] Forstall, out! Phil is back up.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:52] Onto colours: the iPhone will come in two colours. Black and slate and a white one which features a silver aluminium finish on the back rather than black. Wonder what that's going to look like?

[3:53] Here's the wrap-up video. Sir Jony Ive is chatting about design, as he does. We must be getting close to a release date somewhere around here, right?

Images courtesy of gdgt

[3:55] These internal components are bonkers. Most of this thing is battery and the A6 chip is tiny. No wonder they needed a new dock connector. The camera also has a sapphire lens.

Images courtesy of gdgt

[3:59] And that's the video done. Now, onto pricing.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:00] On a two-year contract in the US, the pricing is the same. 16GB for $US199, 32GB from $US299, 64GB for $US399. 3GS has been ousted from the lineup. iPhone 4 is free on contract, 4S is moved to 16GB-only.

Update: Apple’s recommended retail prices for Australia will be $799 for the 16GB model, $899 for the 32GB model and $999 for the 64GB model.

Apple has also dropped the price of the iPhone 4S to $679, while the iPhone 4 will drop to $449. iOS 6 will be available as a free software update on Wednesday, September 19.

[4:01] Pre-orders start on 14 September, release date is 21 September. Australia is a launch country!

Break open your piggy banks!

[4:04] iOS 6 ships on 19 September.

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iTunes Gets An Update

[4:04] Now we're moving onto iTunes and iPods. Eddy Cue is up chatting about the iTunes Store.

More: iTunes 11 On Its Way With A Streamlined Look And New Features

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:05] We're looking at the new App Store design. Devs can already see it but everyone else will get it on September 19.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:07] There are 200 million iTunes in the Cloud users. Wait. Is that iTunes Match or iCloud users with iTunes?

[4:07] Here's a new version of iTunes! Jeff Robin's here to tell us more. Edge-to-edge screen. It chooses albums like an iOS device does. Does anyone browse by album? I just browse by song.

[4:08] Looks like the social features of Ping are going to be integrated into the new iTunes without a name. If you like a band and they share some photos, they just appear in your iTunes. Coldplay's photos are demonstrated.

[4:09] We're likely going to see new iPods. What do you want out of a new iPod? Will they keep the Classic alive? Will we see a 7.85-inch iPod? Maybe...

[4:10] The new iTunes has a dropdown box that on the Now Playing bar that shows you what's coming up without having to leave you're current view. That's nifty. There's a new mini player design, too. It looks just like a Notification.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:10] Search is built into that little mini player window.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:13] iCloud stuff now affects iTunes. Your movies on iTunes sync to the last place they were at when you watched them on mobile.

[4:14] That's the iTunes demo done. New iTunes is coming in late October. New hardware time?

[4:15] Greg Josiwak is here to talk iPod. 350 million iPods sold.

Image courtesy of gdgt

Yep, New iPods...

More: Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

[4:16] Greg says that Apple wanted to reinvent the Nano. They wanted to give it a better display, better controls and the new Lightning connector. Now here it is. It's so cute!

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:17] New iPod Nano is only 5.4mm thin -- 38 per cent thinner. Physical buttons are along the edges and it's got an adorable 2.5 inch screen. It comes with its own home button and multitouch. How adorable. It's like a baby iPod Touch. It comes in 7 colours.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:19] Video is back on the iPod Nano, and the pedometer and Fitness app is built-in. It's also got Bluetooth so you can stream to headphones and your car audio system.

[4:20] Moving onto the iPod Touch.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:21] New iPod Touch is out. It's the lightest one ever at 88 grams and it's only 6.1mm thin.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:22] This also has the new Lightning connector, the same display as the iPhone 5, built out of aluminium. It's also got a new A5 chip.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:24] Game dev takes the stage to show off a its gaming chops.

[4:26] (Long) demo is over.

[4:27] Greg Josiwak returns to tell us about iPod Touch battery life. 40 hours of music playback, 8 hours of video playback, 5 megapixel camera now too.

[4:28] Panorama mode is also on the iPod Touch, and these images look pretty impressive. No jokes at Nokia's expense, here.

[4:29] "Rivals point and shoot cameras". Not sure about that claim. We'll have to see.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:30] There's a wrist strap for this thing now, so it looks a hell of a lot like a point and shoot at least, and with iMovie, iPhoto and Wi-Fi, you can edit and post on the go. Err, take that, Android cameras.

Left image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:31] iPod Touch now has Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and now Siri is on the iPod Touch, too! *waves*

[4:32] New colours for the iPod Touch, too! Five choices, each with a coordinated loop. Black, white, red, blue and yellow.

[4:33] Greg wants to chat about speakers, now. Looks like new headphone time.

EarPods: New Headphones

[4:34] Apple introduces new headphones, called EarPods. (When can we say 'told you so' on this stuff?) Watching a video now.

Full details: Apple Rolls Out New In-Ear Headphones That Might Actually Not Be So Bad

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:35] Jony Ive says that making headphones to fit everyone is like trying to make a shoe to fit everyone. These new headphones are "designed to drirect sound into the ear," says Sir Ive.

[4:36] These headphones are shipping as a standalone accessory and that starts today. These are included with the iPod Touch and the iPhone 5, too.

Images courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:38] New prices: iPod Shuffle for $US49, Nano for $US149 coming in October, 16GB Touch cming in at $US199, 32GB at $299, also in October.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:39] Tim returns to stage to show iPod ad!

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:42] Tim is recapping, saying none of it is possible without great employees.

[4:42] Oh wow. The Foo Fighters are here. Kicking out the jams.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:43] They're singing Times Like These.

[4:47] Will we see a "One more thing..."? Probably not. That was a Steve thing.

[4:48] Will Dave Grohl unveil the new iPad? Oooh.

[4:49] Another song, this time My Hero.

[4:52] More tunes. This one is called Walk.

[4:53] In the meantime, Apple has update its product pages. Here's the iPhone 5, the iPod Nano, iTunes and the iPod Touch.

[4:55] Pricing update: Nano in Australia will cost $169. iPod Touch is $329.

[4:57] Standing ovation for the Foo Fighters. Yay. Now bring me more gadgets!

[4:58] Tim is back, lapping up that ovation.

Images courtesy of gdgt

[4:59] And that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us this morning for our meta liveblog! We’ll bring you the news as it happens today.

What's Your Take?

[5:00] Which one will you be getting? Or are they all just rubbish? Tell us in the comments!

[5:00] So what did we see today? We got a look at the taller, lighter and thinner, 4G iPhone 5 and a release date for Australia, we saw a new version of iTunes, new EarPod headphones, new iPod Nano and a new iPod Touch.

- Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need To Know

- iTunes 11 On Its Way With A Streamlined Look And New Features

- iOS 6 Will Arrive On Sept 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage

- Apple Rolls Out New In-Ear Headphones That Might Actually Not Be So Bad

- Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

- Apple: No NFC For You, Maybe In One Year!




    i'm Happy with my note

      your comment here seems to disagree with you :)

        im just waiting for it to be released, so i can finally get the GS3 for under $500 :)

          Last I checked ozbargain you could get an S3 for $499 (+$18.80 shipping)

            Last time I checked $499 + $18.80 is over $500.

      super chuffed for you ;)

        I somehow doubt that. Just a felling. :)

          Notice how he didn't capitalise the N in Note... can't be that happy!

            *can't be that intelligent

            I fixed it for you.

              Maybe he's literally taking about a note he received.

              Wow, the apple fan boy in you is strong, seeing how you guys had nothing bad to say about my awesome 'N'ote just means you know how it is.

              All in all again iphone 5 is just another iphone, nothing special.

              Apple sheep, sheesh.

                Dude, calm down, read a book, go for a jog! I'll never understand the guys on here who pick fights over phones.. sheesh

      I'm with you. The iphone 5 is just another iphone. Nothing new there, some incremental improvement, move along...

        Agreed. Same old iOS interface, nothing new really. The 4" stretch looks weird, and LTE for Australia until Samsung bans it from the shelves.

      Apple presentations are the biggest wankfest - very little content

    I doubt we will see any more then new iPhone and iPods. I'll be really surprised if we do see new 13" MBP and iMacs.

      I agree. iPhone 5 will take precedence. It'll be iPods or the iPad mini, if anything. All Apple's other products are too big -- they'd be better off waiting for their own keynote.

    I'll be up for the live blog. Can't wait.

    Wife is waiting for this.. contract ran out on iPhone 4 last month..

    I'm waiting to see if we get an iPad Mini (at a reasonable price).

    Announcement of new patents, patenting patents?

    My contract is up on my iPhone 4, im thinking it'll be likely that i'll be keeping my Iphone 4. I hope I'm wrong!

    iPhone 5 Announcement Drinking Game
    Every time a comment mentions patent lawsuits you take a shot.

    Not sure anybody would make it past 4am.

      You sir have invented a very fun game. Although my alcohol stocks are low right now, so I will unfortutently not be taking your offer up. I would really like to try this one day, done numerous drinking games like this, always a wicked good time.

      Every time someone says:

      Breath taking
      Market Leader
      The Best....
      Beautiful get the idea.

      See if you can last until 3.15am...

        Sounds like a list of words most commonly used to title gizmodo articles

          Could this be?

    "Thank you all for coming.. we were going to announce the release of the "new iPhone" but Samsung are suing us over the LTE tech and we can't release it right now.. kthxbai"

    I'm fed up with my iPhone 4. I'll be pre-ordering an iPhone 5 ASAP. I don't think we'll see an iPad Mini tomorrow. Probably Oct. I'd love NFC, but looks like it'll probably not be in this iteration. Will Apple be pioneering a pay by bluetooth alternative?

    I'd love to see a $200-250 iPad mini, but with decent guts. I'll be sad if they offer the iPad 2 internals in it. Although the Kindle Fire HD isn't available in Australia, we should benefit from the pressure it's putting on Apple in the US. The new iPad won't be region limited.

      "I’m fed up with my iPhone 4. I’ll be pre-ordering an iPhone 5 ASAP."

      Really, you dont like their current product, and cant wait to throw more money at them?

      Oh yeh.. I know it's not going to happy till October.. but that's what I am waiting on.. not the iPhone 5 :)

    The iPhone has been lacking the wow factor for about a year now if not more. Be good to see what apple come up with, in particular the final version of iOS 6

    Ashton on stage as the ghost of Jobs.

      Aaaaaccctually, you just got me thinking.

      What if there's a 'last message' from the big SJ?

        And now a video from former CEO, Steve "Tupac" Jobs.

    It will change the phone industry forever and be a technological advancement nobody has seen before.

    Im eagerly awaiting the announcement of the iPhone 4S-XL. Just like the 4S but with a bigger screen.
    Im also eagerly awaiting the fanboy rage which will ultimately follow.

    Is there any way to watch this live?? I enjoyed watching the Nokia/Windows Phone 8 event when they announced the Lumina 920 and would love to watch this one too.

    Looking forward to see what features iPhone 5 will have that my several month old HTC One XL doesn't.. or will this be yet another "ketchup" release.

    I asked Siri to search the web for iPhone 5, and my 4s just sut down. I think she feels intimidated...

    I've been a Galaxy Nexus user since december and while I love the freedom android has given me, I still miss beyond anything else the apps on the iphone. So much so that if the 5 brought enough to the table I could even consider switching allegiances back.

    In other news, the name Macintosh should be used more often imo

      I've got a 5th Gen ipod touch, and a Galaxy Nexus. Before I got my Nexus, my first Android phone, I was inseparable from my iTouch because I had so many apps and games on it... Since I got the Nexus I only ever use my iTouch to play music through my car head unit. I can get at least 90% of the apps from iOS on it, and for the other 10% I can still use my iTouch ( which is like 90% of an iphone anyway). I think I've got the best set up, because I've got the best of both world's this way. I still think Android is much more preferable as a smartphone OS because I don't have to transfer files with iTunes, it's much more personable and convenient when set up, and it can do much, much more. The only advantages iOS has is maybe 3 or 4 apps, and compatibility with my car audio.

    All I want to know for now is the LTE compatibility (1800MHz or I go elsewhere) and the screen resolution (please don't be that stupid 1138x640, make it 720p please, or 1280x800 if 16:10).

      The iPhone 5 in Australia will be compatible with Australian standards, specifically LTE 1800MHz.

    I, for one, am looking forward to seeing one or more of Tim's heads contradicting the others.

    With the amount of pointless troll comments that haunt Gizmodo these days, I don't think I'd even make it until 3am. Which is a shame. I will be going spoiler free again this year, followed by catching up on all the Gizmodo stories and avoiding the comments section :)

    With that said my guess is just iPhone 5 and about 10 minutes (if that) on updated iPods. Nothing else will be announced at this event. Both iPad Mini and 13" Retina Macbook are big news and would take too much away from the star of the show.

      Sometimes the comments are great for just a laugh! I love laughing at the wannabe trolls!


    waiting to see if its enough to get me to upgrade my iPhone 4, or maybe ill be looking at a nokia windows phone.

    What about an absolutely new design iphone 5? All the leaks just to throw us off?
    Teardrop shaped 4inch iphone ?

    Here's hoping that apple is going to show everyone the rumoured design we've been seeing for months, wait a bit, then shock us all by unveiling a totally new type of phone. The design in the rumour mill just isn't appealing to me at all.


        I would love to see them show the pictures of the leaked iPhone during the keynote. Then at the end a hologram of Steve jobs appears (or realisticly Tim Cook) and says One More Thing

        This is what the new iPhone looks like, and they unveil a radical new design :).

          so sad...

          Aw... same boring design as usual :(
          I like the batter life and the cable though, those are fantastic! Really quite impressed with those aspects, not the rest though, that's just the same incremental stuff you get on any brand of phone.

    look behind you, a 3 headed monkey!

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