Apple Adds New Maps Section To App Store

Buried within Tim Cook's apology for the embarrassment that is Apple Maps was the candid suggestion that people go try the many other map applications and websites out there. Well, now Apple has gone one step further, adding a whole featured section to the App Store for maps from third party developers.

That's a big on Apple's part. Good on you. [MacRumors]


    which is the best one??

    Didn't we already have a navigation section?

    Or they could, y'know, use Google maps again.

    I thought Apple maps would only get better if people actually used it? Back-peddling much?

      Doesn't stop everyone from whinging about it though. I'll still be using Apple Maps as much as I can.

    That seems really helpful!
    Except that if you go into the Australian App Store, and hit the "find maps for your iPhone" none of the ones in this screenshot show up.
    We get massively data intensive (and expensive, bar Navfree GPS' which is Veeeery slow) turn - by turn apps. So if you wanted to figure out where something is, and you are not actually there? Fagedabadit

      Waze, whereis, and TomTom are other alternatives not listed. First two are free although I can't say I've used them. I'm a fan of the TomTom app, but it will cost a bit.

    Australia doesn't get all those alternative map app options.

    Tried to navigate from Caboolture to Morayfield today and google maps couldn't find the destination. But, wait for it... Apple's Maps did!

    Apple did not keep it a secret that they where using their own map solution for iOS6. Google had plenty of time to develop a Google Maps app for the App Store. The idea that Apple sprung their mapping solution on Google is a joke. I think the longer iOS is without a Google Maps app the better for Googles business. I think the intention is not to provide a Google Maps app at all, but make iOS user rely on Safari to access Google Maps.

    Simple just put google maps back on iOS
    Biggest problem with apple maps is that they are unreadable and they have replace the maps in the maps sections of all my apps and made them unusable
    Give us the option to go back to google maps
    Jobs probably wouldn't have allowed the beta release to go into production

      Oh shut up with the Steve Jobs thing, he made mistakes like this all the time.

    Whereis is actually not too bad for a freebie

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