Amphones Help You Shred In Silence If Your Neighbours Are Jerks

"If it's too loud," the saying goes, "the neighbours are going to call the cops and screw up your late-night shred session." In an attempt to solve this eternal conundrum, the guitar amplification specialists at Vox have teamed up with the headphone geniuses Audio Technica to create Amphones. Yes, guitar amplifier headphones. It's a preposterous idea that's just crazy enough to work.

Amphones have a built-in power source, a 6mm input to plug-in your guitar, plus little dials so you can set the gain, volume, tone, as well as the level of a built-in effect. Amphones work as you'd imagine: connect your guitar, flip them on, set your levels and wail away. Since Amphones also work as regular headphones you can simultaneously listen to your favourite music and play along. Amphones come in four different versions: The AC30 (modelled after the legendary Vox amp), Twin (modelled after classic American amps like the Fender Twin Reverb), Lead (high gain), as well as a bass version.

Honestly, if these weird cans weren't made by two brands we trusted we'd never believe they sound good. Never in a million years. But we're psyched to try them out, and for $US100, they won't be the most expensive weapon in your musical arsenal. [Vox]

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    Iv'e got an even better Idea, why not just put a headphone jack on your amp?

      For the same reason you wouldn't install a huge PA and then just plug headphones into the mixing desk - It is a waste of equipment and power.

      And I'm guessing the amp modelling in the heaphones will mimic the amp, something you can't get from plugging cans into the amp itself.

        Mimicing the amp is exactly what plugging headphones into it does. It also means that when you get all your cool twisty-knob settings how you like them, it will be on something you can then play through your amp, a PA or whatever, not just at low volume on your head.

      You can use these anywhere. Can't do that with an amp.

      Otherwise, I much prefer plugging headphones into my amp. Total control over the sound that I want. Although I do have to remove the headphones before turning the amp off or I get a very loud, borderline-brown note that almost makes me feel sick.

    Practice your shredding on the train.

    I use an old zoom multi effects controller as a headphone pre-amp. It works perfect, and your guitar SCREAMS the high notes thru a cheap pair of headphones, Eddie VH style.... My only concern, if these headphones are designed for guitar, there better be a way to keep that cable away from your strings, and also stop it getting caught under the guitar, so when you try and straighten your back, you end up getting snagged on your guitar - This is my only request for a decent guitar headphone set...

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