Alleged Unibody iPhone 5 Looks Slimmer

Straight from the same guy who leaked images of the next iPhone's rumoured bigger, better battery is a side-by-side comparison of the new device with the 4S. If it's real, the new phone is noticeably slimmer.

We're not entirely sure what will come out of next week's announcement, but if the two-tone unibody design we're expecting to see is the same as the one in this image, it will no doubt sit a little flatter inside your pocket.

The decrease in thickness would be helped along by new screen technology and the swapping out of the rear glass panel for the unibody design, but the guts will have been designed to help shave what looks like a couple of millimetres from the design. Not long to wait now until we find out for sure. [iResQ via Apple Insider]

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