Al-Jazeera Gets Hacked

Al-Jazeera Gets Hacked

There are hacks, and then there are hacks. After this morning’s apparent Apple UDID dump, news organisation Al-Jazeera’s English website has been defaced in about the most conspicuous way possible. Who’s responsible?

Clearly someone with a bone to pick with Al-Jazeera. But who is this Al-Rashedon? An opponent of Al-Jazeera’s coverage of Syrian civil war? The Syrian flag is clear in the top right. Is it just some Arabic lulz hooligan?

A quick translation spits out the following:

“We have hacked you because your lack of support of Syrian government and militant groups backed by that government. Al Jazeera has been spreading lies. We’re compelled to do so on behalf of the Syrian people.”

Some people are saying that the .net variant is showing up as defaced rather than the .com version of the site, while others can’t get the site to load at all.