3D-Printed Guitar Makes Me Wish I Could Play

I've always wanted to play an instrument. Mostly so I could look cool to girls, but also because I think the ability to make music is incredible. Making music has never been cooler now thanks to this 3D-printed guitar made by scientists in New Zealand that both looks and sounds amazing.

It was made for the 2012 London 3D Printshow, and the video features the organiser of the 3D Printshow create a wall of sound cover of the show's theme using the 3D printed guitar.

Go watch and be blown away by beautiful art. [BoingBoing]


    Looks great, and 3D printing stuff like this is awesome. Pity about the sound though.

    The body means nothing there... The pickups and strings make the sound, and they're not 3d printed... Whole thing was rather misleading...

    Ah, so it's merely the body that was printed..
    Heck you can make a body for an electric out of almost anything.
    I've made one out of a slab taken from a discarded dining room table and ny brother has made more than a couple with old cigar boxes and what not.
    As Chris points out, the body on an electric guitar serves almost no other purpose than a place to mount the hardware.
    It's the pick-ups and choice of amplification that makes an electric log sound good, bad or other.
    That said, I do think it's a very sweet looking axe, but not really a huge advancement as far as the instrument itself is concerned.
    Start printing the pick-ups or machine heads or even the strings. Then I'll be impressed.

      The body makes a huge impact on the sound especially with passive pick ups. I don't see this body doing anything good for the sound but it does look good. I'd love the spider les Paul on the odd website but I'd use active pick ups to negate the need for a solid body for tone.

    Hi Guys,
    It's worth stating that this guitar was one of the earliest production models, so the pickups / hardware weren't so sexy... Olaf's new guitars have much higher quality components and I've been told they sound pretty amazing.....

    I'll be getting my hands on some new models in the lead up to the show and will be putting them in the hands of some of the UK's finest guitarists :-)))
    More vids will follow, so feel free to subscribe to the 3D Printshow Youtube channel.


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