15 Ophthalmological Marvels That Make Your Eyesight As Clear As Your Hindsight

They may look as ridiculous as they sound but phoropters are essential eye-doctoring devices. These overgrown binoculars help optometrists measure an individual's refractive error, more commonly known as your eyeglass prescription, since the 19th century. Our friends at Oobject have collected the very best examples of phoropters since the Victorian Era.

When you're done looking through these, check out these submarine-less periscopes and a dozen bespectacled architects.

Rodenstock Phoropter

Reichert Model 11625 Ultramatic Phoropter

Classic Bausch And Lomb Phoropter

Reichert Plus Cylinder Phoroptor

Phoropter On Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy

Remote Vision Automated Wireless Phoropter

Phoropter In Action

Vintage 1930S Phoropter

Contemporary Electronic Phoropter

Pink Bausch And Lomb Phoropter

19Th Century Phoropter

Rodenstock Phoropter, Phorolux Model

Moller Phoropter, Model Visutest D

Portable Phoroptor — For Picnics?

Parts Of The Phoropter, Labelled

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