You'll Never Recognise These 12 Rebuilt Cities

Regardless of the severity of the damage, a city rarely stay destroyed -- even Chernobyl will be resettled eventually. And if these 12 reconstructed urban landscapes are any example, when it does get rebuilt, you'll want to double check the address.

You'll also want to double check these walled cities, a real-life Gotham, and these 12 abandoned Olympic venues.


Just as desolate as you'd expect.

Corbusier Plan Voisin To Destroy Paris

London's Barbican Center


Just don't drink the water. Oh, wait, that's Tijuana.


Las Vegas


Paghman Gardens, Kabul Afghanistan taken 40 years apart. We imagine that Afghanistan was always a barren and oppressive tribal culture, but as this image shows, war after war has turned back the clock.


Although this is the only image that is imaginary, it is wonderfully descriptive of what a difference a walk down Broadway when it was an Indian trail, might have been like.



Neon is the duct tape of lighting solutions.

San Francisco

This is the only image we haven't included a comparison, to encourage you to click through to see this remarkable image in full.


Whether Dubai will eventually return to the empty sand that surrounds it, is something that isn't out of the question now. Still its amazing to think that there isn't a skyscraper in NY that would come in the top 10 highest, planned for the Arabian peninsula.


    Here's the full picture of the 1906 SF quake. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice. It's pretty damn big, though, so beware:

    Truly awe inspring. Dubai is amazing too. The idea of setting out to build a new city is fascinating. (Obligatory Spec Ops: The Line mention. :P)

      awesome image, thanks for the link.

    That Kabul one may be one of the saddest pictures I've ever seen.

    from what I hear, Kabul and Afghanistan in general used to be a beautiful city filled with Gardens and often visited by tourists

      Indeed, there's photos from back in the 50's and 60's before all the confict that made afghanistan look like a wartorn hell on earth.

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