You Can Now Configure Your Retina Display MacBook Pro Any Way You Want

This is great news for everyone except early adopters. Instead of being locked into Apple's pre-configured options for the MacBook Pro with retina display, you can now freely configure your machine in any way you want. You can mix and match processor, memory and storage options to fit budget and performance needs.

For example, you can select top speed in the processor without having to pay extra for storage, keeping the cost down at $2880. Or you can keep the processor speed low and add more storage for $3100, which is what I wanted to do with mine. [Apple via Twitter]


    It's an interesting dichotomy in Apple's marketing. The iPad acknowledges that few of us really require all the latest grunt in our computers and its success suggests they got it right. But these new MB Pros are the exact opposite of that philosophy, working on the principle that there are still users who will pay a massive premium for the latest, most powerful hardware.

    I use my computer for some of the most demanding tasks imaginable - 3D animation, video editing/visual effects and real-time live music - and I really couldn't justify paying three grand for a laptop ever again. Having the gruntiest quad-core CPUs might get my 3D renders done more quickly but if something I put on before I go to bed finishes at 3am or 6am, it really makes no difference. I certainly don't find working day-to-day on an 8-core MacPro in Photoshop and After Effects to be noticeably better than on my dual-core lappie, even at render time.

    I don't even find that I need discrete graphics any more, the Intel HD3000 seems to have more than acceptable OpenGL performance for my needs, as good as the Radeon graphics in the Vaio I bought and sold last year.

    mass market tablet != high end laptop

    "Or you can keep the processor speed low and add more storage for $3100, which is what I wanted to do with mine."

    Thats what I wanted to do, but I'm not sure its worth it. The upgraded model with the faster CPU is only $100 more. It's a saving yes, but if you take into account that JB, Dick Smith and a few other retailers often have 10% off sales on non 'made to build' orders, then you're better off getting the model up with 10% off than getting the lower end one with the storage upgrade. You'd be looking at about $2800 for both the faster CPU and storage.

    I prefer to focus around RAM and Processor not storage, as storage is replaceable with larger size in the future.

    *RAM and Processor is not replaceable with higher capable processor*

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