Yes, These Are $1000 Headphones For Cats

Is there anything worse than a smug cat staring at you all bored like it's got something better to do than sit around while you're listening to music? Sol Republic's new headphones for cats will wipe that angsty gaze off your cat's face.

Sol Republic x Meowingtons headphones were designed specifically for Deadmau5's cat, Professor Meowingtons. They're just a scaled-down version of Sol Republic's dope Tracks headphones, so you can be sure your furry friend will be enjoying fine audio quality. We got an exclusive first hands-on with the itty-bitty cans, and despite their gorgeous design, we just couldn't get our test cat to wear them. Maybe they just weren't his style!

Professor Meowingtons is something of an internet sensation because his owner happens to be one of the most popular electronic music producers in the world. If you've ever read his internet rantings, you know Deadmau5 likes to push people's buttons, and these headphones are a great example. Rather than go the ultra-lame Beats by Dre endorsement route for signature headphones, Deadmau5 teamed up with Sol Republic to do something a little more fun.

The cans are limited to an edition of 10 and cost $US1000 a pop. Sure, that's a lot of money for what's basically a novelty. But if you've got the ends, it's money well spent because all proceeds go to the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. [Sol Republic]

Video: Michael Hession

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    And they don't even go on the ears. At least my $100 hit the mark on my head.

    " all proceeds go to the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals "
    AAaah. Now they make sense.
    These are probably more appropriately viewed as a novelty "thank you" gift for your $1000 donation.
    This, I have no problem with at all.
    If you can spare a grand for a good cause, go for it I say.

      When it is written like this, it makes a whole lot more sense :D

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