Would You Want Airline-Inspired Seating In Your Living Room?

Airlines might claim the seats in their planes are designed to maximise passenger comfort, but that always plays second fiddle to capacity. If squeezing you in gives them enough room to add another body, you better believe they won't mind cramping passengers. So who would want to drop over $US2000 on a living room chair designed by someone responsible for those awful airline seats?

The Flight Recliner does possess a beautiful minimalist aesthetic and a simple reclining mechanism that minimises the chair's footprint. But it was partly designed by Jeffrey Bernett, who was also responsible for the in-flight seating in Northwest Airlines' economy class. The recliner is obviously a bit larger than the seats you'll find on a plane, but their design will probably never be considered a comfy place to sit. So we're not really sure who'd be willing to drop two grand on one of these. Would you? [Design Within Reach via The Awesomer via Gear Patrol]

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