Would You Get An H+ Implant?

Control the internet with your mind. That's the promise of the fictional product, H+ as seen in the Bryan Singer web series of the same name. A few viral videos extolling the benefits of the implant have hit the web today, and after watching them, I think it's something I'd get.

Here are the virals:

Right up until the fatal system crash hit that kills everyone connected to H+, it was the perfect product. It let you tap into everything and orchestrate your life down to an art form.

I think I'd want H+ in my life, despite the risk it poses. Would you want a brain implant that let you control the world around you?

Where do you draw the line when it comes to technology in your life? Would you want it integrated in your brain or would you draw the line at something like Google Glass?


    All scifi horror aside, yes i would, Im ready for any sort of augmentation.

    No. While I embrace technology, you should always be able to disconnect from it. When will anonymous be able to hack and take information/control of someones pacemaker thats connected to the internet?
    When will the implant owners realise that they could be making billions of dollars if they gave advertising rights to coke or cadbury, and you start getting barraged with adds while sitting on that quite beach?

      Why would a hacker collective that fights against corruption and corporate injustice have any reason to hack an individual?

      In the eternal words of Flava Flav -
      "Don't believe the hype"

        That is very naive to think that what anonymous is known as now will be what they are known as ten years from now. And then what about rogue hackers?

        What if they believed that individual was responsible for corruption and corpoprate injustice?

          Stupid fingers. *corporate.

        Adblocker. For the mind!

      Totally agree

    In a second. Sign me up.

    The thing I don't get with H+ is that even though it is connected to your brain, you still need to wave your hands around like an idiot. Couldn't you just think of what application you wanted to use?

      Probably something to do with the signal the brain would be transmitting to your hands being picked up by the implant? Otherwise you'd probably just have windows bouncing around in front of your eyes all the time from the constant stray thoughts.

      And cos it's the sci-fi cool factor? lol

    i'd definitely have to read the fine print, and the ads as Tim mentioned would be terrible, i would definitely do it though. although i'd want some way to turn it off!

    Deus Ex begins

    I draw the line before google glasses, so this doesn't stand a chance for me.

    I couldn't wait, so I duct taped my iPhone over my eyes. The future is here!

      Careful - in Apple's utopian world you'll have all smut removed from your brain - sex will be banned (you can try, but it'll pixelate your vision).
      You'll also have to hold your head at a funny angle because "you're holding it wrong".

      Instead of being able to use your eye glasses - apple has a special design different from all other glasses that require you to buy just the apple ones.

      Also your eyes will be cracked the first time you rub your eyes wrong - which will mean that you just walk around with one eye barely useful until they bring out the same model again in a year's time with a new number stuck to it.

      I ingested mine for a more initegrated experience.

    H+ Implant??

    To be honest i'm now just filling time till that guy in Russia perfects the technology to implant my brain into a robot. come on 2045 already!!

      In Soviet Russia, internet controls YOU

    How would you distinguish the H+ implant from your own inbuilt consciouness filters? Facebook timeline in my brain? No thanks.

    Read Peter F Hamilton. In his future this sort of thing is the norm and everyone is connected to the Unisphere...well those that can afford it.

      Love those novels.

    If I opted for the implant could I then sit a GAMSAT exam and ace it?
    Is this then essentially the matrix where you can just download knowledge on the fly?

    I think the mind control thing would be going a bit far.. No deal, the tactility of a PC will never be replaced.

    Having worked in IT for a couple of decades and knowing what large companies do with information first hand and also knowing other software developers I can tell you there is no way in hell I would get an implant!

      You will get one, because without it, you'll be lacking an entire sense. You will be as the blind man is to the rest of us. You'll get by ... slowly ...

      Not that I like the H+ idea one bit. It's ripe for exploitation by all the wrong sorts of people. StuxNet, Flame... small potatoes.

      So basically it's an unavoidable trap made of death-by-convenience.

        Starting to sound like the mark of the beast to me, and I'm not even a christian!

        IT'S A TRAP!

    Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feed_(Anderson_novel)

    I think it's a waste of time to believe humans have any control over the advancement of technology. It will happen and it will be as boring as everything else within two years. No prophetic occurence, or AI battle. Sorry for the let down. And for all those that are worrying now won't blink an eye when there are related deaths later on.

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