Win! One Of 15 Double Passes To See Total Recall

Total Recall is back this week -- again loosely-based on Philip K. Dick's seminal short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. Starring Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, this future definitely shakes things up a bit. Post-Third World War Earth is divided into two territories: the United Federation of Britain and The Colony (formerly good old Australia). Keen to visit New Asia? Gizmodo has 15 double passes to give away...

For your chance to win: simply watch the trailer above and tell us in the comments (in about 50 words or less) what your Rekall virtual vacation would be.

What would be your ultimate holiday memory implant?

Good luck and don't forget to watch the movie at Event Cinemas VMAX for the best action!

Entries close 4pm (AEST) this Wednesday 22nd. Giz editors will judge entries right after. Full terms and conditions here.


    My ultimate holiday memory would be to become Iron Man. As quoted by him, without his suit he is still a "Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist"

    I think it would be to have the memories of flying into space - behind the lens (as though it were a full height window ) of a space-probe camera which takes me across the galaxy and shows me world after world as it explores the universe. I would literally remember exploring the Universe and remembering things that are actually there as they were discovered by a real probe sent out to discover the universe - as opposed to made up things.

    My memory implant holiday would involve the improbable.

    Floating down the heavy radiation streams emanating from Jupiter, on an enclosed glass deck on a futuristic space yacht, sipping on a cocktail as Calisto silently slips into view, contrasted against the swirling mega storms of Jupiter's atmosphere. Playing Pines of Rome through the sound system. Totally alone for millions of kilometres, just the hammock, the music and Jupiter.

    Ofcourse this being a Rekall vacation:

    A small point of light illuminates Jupiter briefly, expanding rapidly. The helium stations in the atmosphere have ignited. The light turns into a ring of fire, a massive shock wave disrupting even the mighty storms of the gas giant. In total silence I would witness the birth of a temporary star. The resulting radiation and debris would come smashing towards the yacht. I would then get the chance to take the helm and pilot the starship out of danger and then go on an epic hunt to figure out the conspiracy that wants to bring down the helium3 trade. Lots of starship battles with many lasers ensues.

    Conclusion: Vacations always involve too much work. Hammocks and books are the best vacations, but something always comes along to ruin the peace and quiet.

    I’m an agent who travels back in history meeting geniuses like DaVinci, methodically sharing technological breakthroughs of our present day. Each time I successfully share and return to present time; a successful “history reboot”, the world’s more advanced. After N reboots, humans classify my missions illegal and try stopping me.

    Mine would be something that was completely imposible in reality. flying through space, swimming in the plasma of the sun, blowing smoke rings with the gasses of Jupiter etc.

    Fastest Climb up mount Everest, para glide off and have my moments of Fame!

    Best virtual vacation would be that dream I had where I defended the crew on my yacht from a giant Great White shark by punching it in the head. Then, bathed in my own success, I kick the high school bully in his defenceless testicles, causing a crotch explosion. Money flies out like a pinata.

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