Win! One Of 15 Double Passes To See Total Recall

Total Recall is back this week -- again loosely-based on Philip K. Dick's seminal short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. Starring Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, this future definitely shakes things up a bit. Post-Third World War Earth is divided into two territories: the United Federation of Britain and The Colony (formerly good old Australia). Keen to visit New Asia? Gizmodo has 15 double passes to give away...

For your chance to win: simply watch the trailer above and tell us in the comments (in about 50 words or less) what your Rekall virtual vacation would be.

What would be your ultimate holiday memory implant?

Good luck and don't forget to watch the movie at Event Cinemas VMAX for the best action!

Entries close 4pm (AEST) this Wednesday 22nd. Giz editors will judge entries right after. Full terms and conditions here.


    My virtual vacation would be on a mega yacht on the Mediterranean Sea, sipping on Gin and Juice. With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

      Sipping on Gin and Juice...

      laaaaaid back

        My virtual vacation would be an ultimate week in a casino! Winning big and the perks that come with it! My final memories would be beating the mob and smacking out the boss and shovelling him in the middle of the dessert with his wife and plane waiting for me. Rolling !

          Has anyone seen it? I would get the memory of this boring remake wiped from my mind.

            You want your boss in the middle of a tiramisu?

        I take this as a sign as to whats to come in the upcoming comments update.

    I would love to have a memory of going on the biggest cruise ship in the world, relaxing and cruising around the Caribbean islands.

    My virtual vacation would be three months filming with Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. Colin Farrell's a lucky guy.

    My Total Recall holiday memory would be a trip to Antartica during the Northern Lights.

      I don't think there are northern lights in Antartica :-p

        Hence why it would have to be an implantable memory, you could experience what could never, ever happen (a bit like most of the fantasies that I'm sure 99% of the guys are having about what they could get implanted). Sounds pretty cool to me :)

          Very good point, didn't think of that :-)

    My virtual vacation would be spent in a tourist-free Disney land with my friends and family ... no lines - wicked fun :)

    Cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes.

    One day, someone will get this, and I will win a shiny new car.

      Is that a Young One's reference I see?

        I'm gonna win a Ford Tippex any minute.

        I enter EVERY "tell us in ___ words" competition like this. Oddly enough I am yet to win. And more often than not the comment is considered spam, or trolling.


    MY ultimate holiday memory implant:
    Stuck on a deserted island with a house, butler, maid, cook, masseur and My loving partner.
    No phone, No internet, no distractions!!! Not a care in the world.

    My Total Recall would be jet setting into Space with an extremely fine glass of Whiskey in my hand.

    My ultimate holiday memory implant would be to travel to Mars and find it was a mirror image of Earth, hidden from view, and then use old mars rover technology from 2012 to survive and get back home while hunted by my mirror self in an epic battle of survival

    My ideal virtual Vacation would be sitting in the cinema watching the original Total Recall.

    Visiting Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory... as Veruca Salt (yes, I'm a guy) - and enjoying getting rolled down the hallway whilst puking purple all over the scented halls. That, or instigating a revolution with the Umpa Lumpens (get it?) and ousting the Wonka dictatorship.

    My first thought was a year somewhere remote and amazing, doing charity work. But the point is lost when it is fake. So I'd go the other way, total relaxation and debauchery on a tropical island populated with bikini-clad, Swedish ravers. For the win.

    My ultimate holiday memory implant : a week long stay at a safe and fully functional Jurassic park with sam neil, jeff goldblum, newman and mace windu

    My ideal trip to Mars would start with a memory wipe which replaces my history replace it with memories in which I am a construction worker named Quaid happily married to my beautiful wife Lori. After troubling dreams about Mars I decide to go for a virtual vacation to the red planet in which I play a secret agent on his way to depose a tyrannical regime - except, partway through the memory implantation (or so I think ...) I break free from my shackles and escape from the people suddenly trying to kill me. It turns out my wife was an agent all along after she tries to kill me - not to mention my Harry from work was there - and find a message left by my pre-memory-wipe self that sends me to Mars. In short, I get the girl, kill the bad guys and sign over the rights to a film of my life that's to be directed by a crazy Dutchman named Paul. Paul and I provide hilarious, non-insightful commentary on this film (which also stars me as me playing me - both Quaid and Houser), I become president of the world, have a secret love child and everyone lives happily ever after.

    My ultimate holiday implant would enable me to see the world using mirrors as a portal that would take me to any location...but as the only person in a fully functional world armed with a digital slr.

    Living out a movie. How much fun would it be to play Tony Stark for a couple of weeks? Toys, partys, playboy lifestyle and flying around shooting things with my hands!

    My virtual holiday would be to a world with no patent lawsuits clogging the legal system and computer users of all operating systems living in piece with one another. Oh, and I can fly. And I have a light sabre. And I'm married to Kate Beckinsale - don't care if she's trying to kill me, I can accept that.

    My ultimate memory implant would consist of me being the first person to land on Mars, Curiosity eat your heart out!

    Curiosity Rover. Well, for about five minutes anyway.

    My ultimate holiday memory implant would be a trek through Japan, fighting Godzilla and doing so in a dragon ball z-esc setting! Then eating some cheap ramen.

    My ultimate holiday memory would be to be don the Iron Man suit and live as iron man for a week, kicking terrorist ass, flying at mach speeds and blowing up random stuff because I can.

    My ultimate holiday memory implant would be a trip to Legoland, and when I walk through the gate an alarm goes off. Turns out I was visitor number 1 billion or something. I have won unlimited Lego for life and a chance to work as a Lego designer.

    I would recreate the God of War trilogy in the form of a holiday. So I could run around getting ultimate satisfaction from booting dogs and yelling I AM THE GOD OF WAR.
    Sooooooooooo much satisfaction would be had.

    My ultimate implant would be to forget that remakes exist.

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