Whoa...Someone Just Sold An Alleged Next-Gen Xbox Dev Kit For $US20,000

The nondescript black PC tower that its seller claims is a Durango development kit has now been sold. The winning bid? Oh, a trifling $US20,100.

For that price, the buyer has either got themselves an unexpectedly early look at the future of the Xbox brand or the world's most expensive office computer.

Given the fact the distribution of development kits is strictly controlled by the platform holder — and with good reason — it'll be interesting to see what comes out of the sale. If it's a scam, well, that's the way the world works. eBay's buyer protection scheme should take care of the buyer if all they've paid for is a regular PC.

If it really is a Durango dev kit, though, well. Having development tools and a snapshot (if not exact match, since dev kits are normally more powerful) of the console's final hardware out in the wild, in the hands of the public, would be a nightmare scenario for Microsoft.

Unless it's Microsoft that bought the thing...

We're still waiting on a response from Microsoft over the listing, and will update if we hear back. [eBay]

Originally published on Kotaku Australia

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    Seriously? The eBay user has no previous sales or feedback, the description is "This item comes with powercables, and a wired controller." and the one and only photo could be any computer. There's not even a photo of the controller.

    This is a scam set up by a moron that has fooled an even dumber moron.

    Sony bought it !
    Just stirring : P

    See, the buyer only references it as a Durango development kit. While that's the same name as the codename of the next Xbox, what if it was intended to simply stir trouble and it is not in fact the next-gen Xbox and simply something else named "Xbox Durango"?

      Also, I believe you want proof that it's certainly a scam? Look no further.

        Its most likely not legit, however it is possible microsoft used the same case to prototype their kits.

    LOL - he is selling another apprently:

    If you click on his name you can see the one he has sold, now this one...

      A third one is now up, with a different seller...looks like the same hand writing on the note though.


    Has to be a scam. I can see how one might make it's way out somehow, not two.

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