Who Knew An Oversized Sewing Box Could Make Such An Awesome Desk?

At first glance, the Klippen Klappen desk looks like a small box on a metal base that wouldn't serve much purpose as a desk. But as you unfold its layers, what was once a glorified side table becomes a fully functional workspace.

Inspired by the design of old-school sewing boxes, Gregor Korolewicz's design not only affords you as much or as little space as you need, but the perfect amount of industrial flair makes this a piece that will fit in an ultra-modern home or blue collar-inspired workspace. Plus, what's not to love about that integrated power strip?

The only downside is that you can't push it up against a wall, lest you want to keep this desk all boxed up. [Gregor Korolewicz via Stilsucht via Ignant]

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